Malaysian island of Langkawi

Langkawi Island is an Asian-Malaysian island consisting of ninety-nine islands, in addition to five temporary islands that are exposed in the waters of the Andaman Sea at the time of the tidal process. Population: 94,777 people, according to statistics of 2010. The Malaysian language and the English language are the two official languages ​​in Malaysia, and its official currency is the Malaysian ringgit, and its main islands are Pulau Langkawi Island, Tuba Island, and Pulau Dayang Pontang Island.

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It is located geographically on the southeastern side of the Asian continent, specifically in the waters of the Indian Ocean, and is thirty kilometers from the coast of Malaysia on the northern side. It is astronomically located at 99.48 degrees longitude east of the Greenwich Line, and on a latitude 6.21 degrees north of the equator.

Landmarks of Langkawi

There are many tourist places on the island and the most important of them are:

  • The Airlift and Langkawi Cable Car: The cable car takes tourists to the summit of Mount Chenqiang, which is considered one of the highest mountain peaks on the island in second place.
  • Eagle Monument Square: It is called the Datran Lange in the Malaysian language and is considered one of the most famous monuments on the island, as it contains a statue of an eagle about to fly with a height of twelve meters.
  • Crocodile garden: It is considered the only park in Malaysia, and is thirty-two kilometers away from the capital city of Kuah, and it contains a large number of crocodiles in all its forms, as the number exceeds one thousand crocodiles.
  • Underwater world: It is located on the southern side of Pantai Cenang. It is considered one of the most famous tourist areas on the island. It is also considered one of the largest fish ponds in Malaysia, with more than two hundred species of fish.
  • Mangroves and Bata Caves: It is considered one of the important tourist areas in Malaysia, which is a popular destination for tourists on honeymoon trips.
  • Maqsuri shrine: It is considered the heart of Langkawi Island, and it is characterized by its large collection of caves, calmness, and abundance of rice fields.
  • Pregnant Virgin Island: It is located on the eastern side of Singa Island, and it is considered one of the most amazing islands on the island, and it was named after this shape that resembles a pregnant woman, and is characterized by its fresh water.
  • The seven wells: It is located in the northwestern side of the capital, Kuah, with a distance of 23 km, and the wells are a spring of fresh water surrounded by forests from all sides, and it is considered one of the most beautiful areas on the island.
  • Legenda Park: It is located near Eagle Square, and is one of the most beautiful parks on the island, because it contains charming landscapes, golf courses, and broad plains.

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