Penang Island, Malaysia

المسافرون العرب

Penang Island

Penang Island is a Malaysian island, located in the Strait of Malacca, off the northwestern coast of the Malaya Peninsula, separated by a narrow strait, with a width of 4 km, characterized by its oval shape, and surrounded by coastal plains, this island is considered one of the most destinations Tourist is famous in Malaysia, and is known as the Pearl of the East.

Geography of Penang Island

Penang Island borders the eastern and northern borders of the Moda River, and to the south is the Perak River. The Central Hill group is located in the center of the island, with an altitude of 830 meters, while the sandy beaches and narrow strips of coastal plains are located on the island’s borders. With the weather remaining hot and humid throughout the year, and the rains are concentrated in the months between April to September, and January and February are considered the drier months of the year, and this region is subject to thunderstorms frequently.

Featured places on Penang Island

Penang Island in Malaysia is one of the best areas full of historical architecture and major tourist attractions, as it contains national parks and Malaysian cuisine, and views of the waterfront can be enjoyed, where there is Penang National Park, which is a park that includes a wide range of terrain, and scenery Natural, where a person can go hiking through the woods, and relax on the beach, which is part of the park, and there is the Chew Jetty, which is a group of wooden houses built next to the water.
It also contains the place of China Town, a place from which to explore homes, shopping places, and temples, and there is Cornwallis Fort, where this fort contains the features of British forts and laws from that era, and you can also visit the Tropical Spice Garden, a garden that contains 100 types It is a spice tree, in addition to a large number of other exotic plants.

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