Booking is an exciting first step for a vacation

We all know that enthusiasm for a flight starts from the moment you book tickets. But here’s how the booking part can be so fun. Do not go to regular hotels and hotel apartments to book accommodations. You can now go to sites like,, and others that offer alternative accommodation. These sites help you conclude a deal with those interested in renting their apartments for a specified period. You can submit your preferences online and you can even check the entire apartment or villa, see the whole place etc. These sites provide warranty, and are usually nice hosts. It is more fun than going to regular hotels. Simply you can get a residence in Dubai at an affordable price.

Burj Khalifa

If you are going to Dubai, you do not need to visit Burj Khalifa without prior reservation. But what you probably don’t know is that you have to book in advance or you may not find a specific time to visit. While booking, be sure to enter the sunrise slot as this gives you the opportunity to see the city lights at night and enjoy the dawn time on the horizon. Book here and it is the cheapest way without any costs so you do not have to book with agents who book with larger amounts.

Safari in the desert

One of the most undisputed attractions in Dubai is the desert safari. There are many tourist groups that offer these trips. All safaris include sand dune rides, belly dancing, tanura dancing, quad biking and meals. But the main difference is the desert they take you to and the food they provide you. Make sure to book the Oman safari in Dubai, not the Sharjah safari. Also, try to book in advance so you can negotiate a better flight instead of booking after arrival because the prices are up and they can double. If you have a feeling of motion sickness, be sure to bring sweets and medicines and come in handy.

Ferrari World Adventure

First and foremost we must talk about the famous Ferrari world that is taking place on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, which is about an hour’s drive from Dubai. You can go on a trip to Ferrari World, one of the fastest motorcycle racing in the world, and there are many other attractions for all age groups. These tickets will not be a problem, but it is best to go early on a non-weekday holiday to avoid a rush or you are standing on a waiting list of 30-60 minutes. This can also be done with online reservations. There are more attractions on Yas Island that can blend in with the Ferrari world that you can explore.

Explore Dubai from under the water

If you are not adventurous and want to enjoy a relaxing vacation, you can go for the Dhow cruise sailing in the bay offering dinner and also reserve. Riding the yellow boats is very enjoyable as they offer you a cruise along with a guided tour of the prominent landmarks in Dubai such as: Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Marina Bay Dubai and Palm Lagoon. Also, he has a certain timing, so I prefer to book in advance.

Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is known as one of the shopping destinations in the world. But you may be disappointed that the city only provides one type of shopping which is through the mall. So, if you love brands and enjoy it, Dubai is a shopping paradise.

Shopping malls in Dubai

There are many, many shopping malls in Dubai (one in almost every region) but few have an exclusive offer because brands are the same in almost all of them. The number one on this list will be the Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the world, and includes about 1,200 stores located near the Burj Khalifa. This mall contains an aquarium waterfall inside and fountains dancing outside and is one of the main attractions.
You will also find the most expensive car in the world, a Lamborghini gold and platinum diamond set, in the showroom. It also has a dedicated metro station and is very easy to reach. And at the Dubai Shopping Festival, it happens here in full swing. You can get great discounts around this time of the year. Mall of the Emirates is another prominent mall with many stores, this mall offers a unique experience in Ski Dubai, the world of snow which provides ice and snow activities including skiing, snow skis and other things. This place is also a lot of fun for children.

Dubai Global Village

There is an interesting place called Global Village, which is quite similar to the World Trade Fair in India. Except this is more stylish. The Global Village is approximately 20 years old, and includes about 30 pavilions per country, each with its own flavor. You can get cheap China-made electronics, luxury leather belts and wallets from Africa, beautiful things from Vietnam, spices and dry fruits from Middle Eastern countries, leather jackets from Pakistan, and stylish clothes from Singapore. It is a cultural meeting place because every country has a traditional performance performed at regular intervals in the pavilions. There is something for everyone in this unique little village, whether it be local food, exotic paintings or even games. There is also a ride for games such as a Ferris wheel and children’s carousels.


The bazaars are one of the remains of Dubai’s past. Visiting the markets in the Deira district of Dubai gives you a glimpse into traditional Dubai. Among these markets, the gold market is one of the best known. You can get gold at cheaper rates with sure purity and be dazzled than sparkling jewelery. Make sure you get some artifacts at good prices.

Other activities you can do

Dubai is a rich and luxurious city. The city is a paradise for car lovers with Ferrari Aero Cars, Rangers Rovers and a limited edition Rolls-Royce Phantoms. It also offers some unique features such as: diamonds, swirled gowns from Swarovski, and fishing gear stores where the equipment is first class. You can stroll around the Marina Walk and Jumeirah Beach on foot and you are sure to discover some unique locations. You can see the private yachts parked there. This is where you can see a gold car on the road.

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