Sky trax is a company that specializes in the classification of airlines, as the classification is carried out on the degree of airlines and their evaluation, and ratings that are appropriate to the status of airlines are granted, there are ratings that start from five stars and less, and this company has awarded five stars to six companies Aviation only in the world, which includes Qatar Airways and the company is based in the United Kingdom, and the Skytrax award is considered a global standard for discrimination and differentiation between airlines, which depends in its assessment of quality and standards on 41 indicators in terms of performance of products and services that companies Flying bit Old and here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

Skytrax Awards:

This award is categorized as follows:

  • The Sky Trax Award for the Best Business Aviation Class in the world, in terms of luxury on board, the degree of privacy, comfort and food dishes that are served.
  • An award for the best seat in business class, the availability of privacy for passengers and the availability of capabilities that suit the needs of passengers, and the availability of comfort, relaxation and privacy.
  • An award presented for the best airline in the Middle East, which is evaluated based on customer satisfaction and the company’s keenness to satisfy everything that passengers need on board, and the multiplicity of entertainment options, seat capacity, degree of comfort and relaxation.
  • Prize for the best waiting lounge for passengers traveling in first class, and evaluation is done according to the degree of luxury and experience of creativity, and focus on the degree of perfection and attention to detail accuracy, so that the trip in the end is more ideal from entering the waiting hall until leaving.

Sky Trax 2020 Awards:

Qatar Airways ranked first for the year 2020, as it advanced from the last year in which it ranked second, and has won many awards in 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2020, as it won the award for best business class, and a prize for the best airline at the level of Middle East as well as an award for best seat in business class.

  • And came second Singapore Airlines, which had previously won three other awards, when it won the award for best first class and best seat in first class as well as the best airline in Asia.
  • In the third place came the first Nippon Airways Japan.
  • While in fourth place was dominated by Emirates Airlines.
  • In fifth place was the Taiwanese airline Eva.
  • Cathay Pacific ranked sixth.
  • Lufthansa is ranked seventh, which is the only European carrier to be rated Skytrax this year.
  • After them, China Hainan Airlines came in eighth.
  • While in ninth place he went to Indonesian Airlines.
  • Finally, Thai Airways came in tenth place.

The Skytrax Award for Economic Aviation in the Middle East:

The Saudi Arabian Airlines flynas company ranked the leader in economic aviation in the Middle East, and this award is considered the second in a row.

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