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New York Bridge is the Brooklyn Bridge

The New York Bridge is the Brooklyn Bridge suspended in New York City, and extends from the East River in Brooklyn to Manhattan Island in New York City, and is a remarkable engineering achievement in the nineteenth century, and is the first bridge in which steel is used for cable wires It is 486 m in length; it was the longest bridge in the world until the completion of the construction of the Firth of Forth in Scotland in 1890 CE, the surface of the bridge has four tracks for car and pedestrian traffic. The Brooklyn Bridge is a popular bridge and use in the United States of America , According to statistics published by the Department of Transportation in New York City in a year 2016; the bridge crosses more than 120,000 cars, 4,000 pedestrians and 2,600 motorcycles daily, and the construction of the bridge has led to major changes in its vicinity as it has become more popular and more visited by tourists and locals.

Building the bridge

The New York Bridge was built by John Augustus Roebling between 1869 AD to 1883 AD under great conditions and difficulties to complete its construction, and Roebling died in an accident and his son Washington Roebling took over as chief engineer; he got sick while building the bridge and was forced to stay home and follow up The completion of work through field monitoring and sending messages to the site with his wife, the total cost of building the bridge was about $ 15 million, and construction continued for fourteen years, during which more than six hundred people worked.

Opening of the bridge

The bridge was officially opened on May 24, 1883AD, and about 150,000 people were present in front of the City Hall to celebrate the opening; in addition to other people who were on the streets of the neighboring provinces of New York City, the East River was filled with boats and ferries, and a large number of games were launched Fireworks during the opening; as the residents of the neighboring city of New Jersey were able to see the bright lights of fireworks, twenty-one elephants and a number of camels and other animals walked over the bridge, and this was intended to demonstrate that the bridge was safe.

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