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Kazakhstan is considered an important tourist country, as it includes many places that the tourist feels comfortable and relaxed when visiting, especially the resorts that are gaining worldwide fame as a whole, which is an Asian republic, rich in many civilized and cultural resources in addition to the ancient historical monuments, and it is distinguished that it reflects An image of coherent and civilizational diversity, all of which made it a country of great importance.

Tourist places in Kazakhstan

There are many tourist places that a tourist can visit when traveling to Kazakhstan and they are:


This city is distinguished by its location on the southeastern side of Kazakhstan, specifically between the plains and mountains, and it is one of the major cities in it, and it is a tourist place that contains many modern architectural landmarks, water fountains, in addition to the wide streets, squares and gardens with a great view and scenic especially in The fall and spring semesters include theaters, museums and galleries for artistic performances, many trade and shopping centers, and many entertainment and entertaining gatherings, restaurants and cafes that provide distinguished services for tourists.

Medio City

This city is one of the beautiful places where the tourist gets pleasure, and is characterized by its location in the middle of the Medio Valley, and it is close to Almaty where it is about fifteen kilometers away, and this city includes a special speed skating rink, which ranks first in terms of size The world level as a whole, with a height of about one thousand seven hundred meters above the sea level, in addition to the presence of the river located on the iceberg of a large size, where it is estimated that the number of people who accommodate them is about thirty thousand people, and tourists come to visit it from all places of the world.


This city occupies the second place in terms of size at the level of Kazakhstan, and is characterized by witnessing a qualitative shift in many aspects such as financial aspects, and the huge projects that are being built in it, it contains a lot of distinct restaurants, shops, casinos, and cafes, it is one of the places that Attracting tourists to visit.

The Baikonur Space Center

This center is distinguished as one of the largest and oldest centers for space launch, as it was opened by the former Soviet Union in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty five AD, and this center is located in the steppe desert of Kazakhstan with vast areas, where many spacecraft of the Soviet Union were launched from this center In addition to many of the Soviet military operations, when going to visit this center, an application must be submitted forty-five days in advance, and it is arranged for travel by travel agencies.

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