Sultanate of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is one of the Arab countries located in the continent of Asia, and its capital is the city of Muscat, and it is one of the largest countries in terms of area in the Arabian Peninsula, with a land area of ​​309,500 square kilometers, and the system of government in it is a hereditary Sultanate, and their official currency in the Omani riyal.

It is located geographically on the western side of the Asian continent, as it is bordered on the northwestern side by the United Arab Emirates, and on the western side by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and bordered on the southwestern side by the Republic of Yemen, and it also has common maritime borders with Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates The United, it is astronomically located between the longitudes 52 ° to 60 ° east of the Greenwich line, and between two latitudes 16 ° to 28 ° north of the equator.

Oman Islands

Telegraph Island

It is a small island located geographically in the state of Khasab, specifically in Khor Sham, located astronomically on the longitude 56.3428 east of the Greenwich Line, and on a latitude 26.1953 north of the equator, and was named by this name in relation to the passage of the first telegraph line in the Middle East that connected the Indian city of Bombay And the Iraqi city of Basra, and the island is characterized as a tourist area characterized by taking pictures of memorial, natural mountainous and topographic formations.

The Hallaniyat Island

Its former name was the Khoury Moria Islands, and it consists of five islands, some of which are inhabited, and others that are uninhabited, and located geographically in the Governorate of Dhofar, and the area of ​​its land area is 28 square miles, and from its islands: the island of Souda, Hasakeh, tribal, and Halaniya.

Among the most important historical stations in it: The Sultanate’s abdication of it to Britain in the year 1854 AD, in order to establish a telegraph cable station, and Britain annexed the islands directly to the Aden Protectorate, and remained so until 1963 AD, and in 1967 AD on the thirtieth day of November, the island was returned to the sovereignty of Oman And its name changed to Korea Moria, and its name became Al Hallaniyat during the reign of Sultan Qaboos.

Masirah Island

It is one of the states of the eastern region, and it is located geographically in the waters of the Arabian Gulf in the southeastern side of the Sultanate, and the island contains several islands, including: Kalban Island, the island of Marsys, and the island of Shaanzi, and also contains more than a dozen villages, and a land area of ​​640 Km², and its length is ninety-five kilometers, and its width is twelve kilometers, and its population is 14,825 thousand people, and the island was in the past a rest stop for ships parked on its shores in order to provide fresh water.

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