Madeira Island

المسافرون العرب

Madeira Island

It is one of the islands of the Atlantic Ocean, located in the northwestern side of Africa, and belongs to the state of Portugal, and is considered the capital of the Funchal Islands. It was discovered in 1419 AD by Portuguese navigators, and its name means wood, due to the abundance of wood in the island, and the official language in it is Portuguese, which is one of the romantic languages ​​around the world, and there are a few of its inhabitants who speak Asturian, and there are approximately 1000 people in it who believe in the Islamic religion, and there is a single mosque in it located in the capital Funchal, which is very small, reaching 60 square meters.

The inhabitants of Madeira Island

It is the largest of the islands, with a length of 741 square kilometers, and a width of 22 square kilometers, and Porto Santo is about 40 kilograms away from the northern and eastern side of Madeira, and there are a group of islands in it that are uninhabited such as the Salvajis Islands, which are located in the southern side of Madeira In addition to the desert islands located in the southeastern side of Funchal.

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Madeira island economy

The main activity on the island is tourism, and it receives tourists from all parts of the continent of Europe throughout the year, and there are many celebrities visited them, including the Empress of Austria Sisi, Charles I, and the island relies heavily on agriculture, especially the special grapes for wine making, and the islands from which it is made Wine, plus bananas, mangoes, papaya, pineapple, sugar cane, coffee, palm trees, and coconuts.

Holidays and holidays on Madeira Island

The public holidays are on January 1st and it is New Year, Easter, Freedom Day on April 25, Labor Day on May 1, Portugal’s Day on June 10, Mary’s Day, Eucharist, Republic’s Founding Day on October 5, and Day of Return The establishment of the Republic December 1, Halloween November 1, Christmas on December 25, and the Immaculate Conception on December 8.

Tourist places on Madeira Island

  • Mountain Palace Tropical Garden: It dates back to the nineteenth century, and what distinguishes it most is the upscale modern design, and contains waterfalls located in a dedicated yard, which witnesses a great attraction to tourists.
  • Porto Santo: It is an island that sits within the islands of Portugal, and is an excellent choice for a special tourist holiday.
  • Pico Ruivo: It is considered one of the most elevated places on Madeira Island. It is a stone and sandstone rock where climbing is practiced.
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