Bali island in Indonesia

المسافرون العرب

Bali island in Indonesia

Bali is located between the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean and along the equator. Bali is distinguished by its fish-like shape, and it is one of the approximately 17,000 Indonesian islands separating Australia from Asia, and among its most prominent features is the rock formation of Tanah Lot. , Bahasa Indonesia, and English, and the currency used is Indonesian rupiah.

History of the island of Bali

Initially inhabited by the Astronians, they are tribes coming from Taiwan through the southeastern regions of the Asian continent, specifically overlooking the sea more than two thousand years BC, and the inhabitants of Bali are culturally and linguistically closer to the tribes of the Indonesian archipelago, the Philippines and the regions of Oceania, perhaps the evidence The cultural rapprochement between these tribes is the traditional rock tools, which were found near the village of Sikk in the east of the island.

Born in AD 991, Arlanga is one of the kings who ruled East Java, while the island of Bali was ruled by his younger brother, Kwali, as his representative. And the royal family fell on the island of Bali in the year 1343 AD, at the hands of a kingdom called Mahjit Javanese, and then the authority was transferred to a place called Jin, then to Klongklung, knowing that most of the relics that are currently dating back to the rule of the bejing.

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Religion of the inhabitants of Bali Island

Approximately 83.5% of the population of Bali Island owe the local Hindu religion, Christianity 2.5%, Buddhism 0.5%, and 13.4% convert to Islam, and the island has become a haven for many Hindus, knowing that Hinduism in Bali is a mixture of Indian Hinduism and Buddhism, and they have some spiritual traditions For the indigenous people.

Climate on the island of Bali

Bali has two seasons, just like any other tropical island.

  • Rainy season: It starts from November and ends with the beginning of April, depending on the region, and temperatures in the rainy season range between 26 and 35 degrees Celsius. This season is characterized by torrential rain and high humidity.
  • The dry season: It starts from May to October, the temperatures in this season range from 23 to 31 degrees Celsius.

Tourism on the island of Bali

Bali Island is an important tourist destination that attracts tourists from all over the world, especially in the high tourist season and low tourist season, the months of July, August and September are the busiest times during the year, in addition to the New Year holidays in late December and early January, the island attracts in these months visitors The streets and hotels are crowded, in addition to the high prices, especially the prices of accommodation.

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