We find one of the most beautiful mosques in the city of Adana. The Green Mosque was called by this name because of the mosque’s covering with plants, the Green Mosque or Yeşil Camii. The mosque was named by the people of “Koprulu” neighborhood, in the province of Adana in the south of Turkey. Which makes it an unfamiliar character, but the real name of this very distinctive mosque is “The Coi Bridge Mosque”

This mosque was built in the thirties of the last century 1930-1939, due to the presence of ivy trees and planting them next to the mosque and then climbed onto the mosque minaret until the mosque became largely similar to pine trees from afar, the neighborhood in which the mosque is located is inhabited by immigrants who moved to it from the Balkans in At the end of the empire era, the immigrants felt the need to build a mosque to pray, so a Bosnian immigrant, Salih Effendi, took the responsibility of building the mosque and provided wood and supplies for construction in 1930, and the mosque was famous for the beauty of its courtyard and ivy trees climbing on the wall and the minaret. Psychological and quiet when you sit in a dish and the area around the mosque amid the roses blooming in different seasons ..

It is one of the wonderful experiences, especially for fans of visiting mosques and learning about the architectural arts in different mosques, and it is very suitable for photographing wonderful photographs for fans of that distinguished art ..

It is worth noting that there is a mosque in the city of Bursa called Yeshah or the Green Mosque also known as the first Muhammad Mosque is a large part with a large group of buildings located on the eastern side of the Turkish city of Bursa was the capital of the Ottomans before the conquest of Constantinople is one of the wonderful architectural mosques that are characterized by a mix of architecture Art and decoration was built by order of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I in 1419-1420 and was subjected to an earthquake in 1855 and the Ottomans renewed it thoroughly and supervised by an italyn architect and succeeded in preserving the mosque and preserving the Ottoman shape and character, the mosque is called the art of Bursa architecture from Distinguished that the mosque In the shape of T there is a medium hall surrounded by an iwan to the east and another iwan to the west and a mihrab to the south. There are two small iwans near the entrance and there are four rooms in the north south of the side iwans and were built of sandstone and covered with marble and replaced in the nineteenth century with marble slabs Decorated in the shape of roses ..

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