Penang is an Asian Malaysian island located geographically in the waters of the Indian Ocean, specifically off the coast of the northwest peninsula of Malaysia, and is astronomically located on a longitude of 100.23 degrees east of the Greenwich Line, and on a latitude 5.24 degrees north of the equator, and its land area is 293 km², and this name is named after a large number Coconut trees are in it, and its name was ancient Prince of Wales Island.

Penang Landmarks


  • Batu Franci Coast: It is considered one of the most famous coasts on the island, as it contains many tourist resorts such as Bay View Beach, Holiday Inn and the modern village of Cana in old style.
  • Monkey Coast: Tourists come to him through the jungle, as the journey starts from the jungle to the Monkey Coast through the suspension bridge.


  • Botanical garden: It is eight kilometers from the center of the island, and it is located next to the Waterfalls Park. The trees are characterized by writing all information on it in terms of its name, type, and origin, as well as many international and local trees.
  • Butterflies garden: It is considered one of the largest parks for butterflies in the world, as it covers an area of ​​8 hectares, and includes a very large number of butterflies, scorpions and frogs.
  • Pinang Fruit Garden: It is located on the coast of Batu Frangie, and it contains several types of fruits, and it is 800 meters above sea level, and it is characterized by cold weather.


  • Penang Buddha Temple: It is located on the outskirts of Georgetown and was built in the year 1890 AD.
  • Chinese temple temple skylight: It is the oldest of the temples built on the island, and was built in the eighth century AH by the Chinese skylight.
  • Penang Temple of Penang: It was built in the year 1850 AD, and includes many snakes that are caught, which are poisonous and non-poisonous snakes fanged.

Other parameters

  • Penang Plateau: It is characterized by its cold weather and very high altitude, where all the sights of the island can be seen from it, and it is boarded by mountain train.
  • clock tower: It is the tower that is attributed to Queen Victoria. It is located in the middle of the floor, which is located in the corner of Crown, Wales. It is characterized by diamonds built on the Moroccan design, and its height is sixty feet.
  • Coffee factory: It offers many types and types of coffee, and coffee is served to tourists for their taste.
  • Penang Museum: It is considered one of the most prominent landmarks on the island, because it contains many masterpieces of the history of the island, and for displaying the customs and history of the island’s residents.
  • Penang Bridge: This bridge connects the island to the mainland, and is 13.5 km long.
  • Jewelry Gallery: It features exquisite decorative jewelry of various shapes.
  • Penang Falls: It is located near the Fruits Garden, especially inside the Patatonic Gardens, and it is characterized by cold water.
  • Diamond Factory: Located near Penang Airport, it gives a presentation on how to make diamonds.

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