In the next article I show you the most important tourist destinations on my trip to Greece and its islands, Greece is a legendary country, and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that people from all over the world intend to enjoy its picturesque nature and ancient archaeological places that still retain its luster so far, and Greece has more than two thousand islands Including what is inhabited by the Greek population, as it depends on tourism to support the economy by up to 20%, so the ancient Greek civilization is one of the most rich civilizations, which is rich with monuments built by the ancient Greeks and Romens in addition to the Byzantine civilization , As is the state most of the European countries that have a luxury tourist islands and stunning resorts located on the shores of clean water is characterized by golden sand, and in the following lines I will present you months tourism places in Greece pictures.

My trip to Greece

Tips before traveling to Greece

Based on my tourism experience in that wonderful city, I offer you some advice regarding visiting the city, so always make sure to know the various advice from those who preceded you to travel in order to make the trip more enjoyable.

  • First, start the European Schengen visa procedure before you travel to Greece, as it is one of the European cities that adopt this visa.
  • You will not find it difficult to communicate with the Greek people, because most of them speak English, so you will find it easy to talk to them and learn about the culture and interests of the city’s residents, as it is a people who welcomes and loves tourists.
  • Greece is one of the lowest European cities in the prices, as the costs of hotels, restaurants and transportation are cheap compared to the rest of the European countries.
  • The best times that you can visit the city in the period between April and June, and in the period between September and October, in order to moderate the weather in those periods and enjoy the Mediterranean climate at its best.

Greek island of Crete

Crete is one of the most beautiful tourist islands in Greece because of its dazzling beaches with its pure water and golden sands, in addition to luxury and upscale resorts, Crete was the best option when I decided to spend time for recreation, and in the following lines I show you the most important tourist destinations that I visited in Crete.

The city of Agios Nikolaos

The city of Agios Nicholas is the best option to spend a charming romantic time between the city’s streets, restaurants and cafes, because of its amazing views of the lake, and that dazzling city is located east of Crete, on the Gulf of Mirawilo, it is also located on the city of Agios, Lake Fluismine, which can spend time on its beaches not There is an analogy, which one is eager to go again to repeat this wonderful experience.
The city of Agios Nikolaos

Rethymnon Old Town

As for my experience of this city, it was the most wonderful of all, so Rethimnon is one of the most important tourist destinations that are located in Crete and tourists do not miss the opportunity to go to it, due to the origin of its construction to the year 1204 AD, and the city is characterized by narrow streets that I could not hope to roam over and over again and take pictures Commemorating it, seeing ancient monuments such as the famous castle and the beautiful souks that we bought souvenirs from, and having dinner in one of its charming restaurants that features a wide Greek decoration and design.
The city of Rethymnon

Aquarium Aquarium

When visiting Aquarium Aquarium we can see a lot of marine animals and the neighborhoods that Crete is home to, so Aquarium is one of the most amazing fish ponds in the whole world, in which we find a lot of rare fish and reptiles, as we wander through the exhibition and explore the lifestyle of the aquatic life in the island, and taking Commemorative photos with those fish and see them up close, as there are some species that we touched and play with, but it takes some courage. Aquarium Aquarium

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