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We offer you everything related to tourism in Cyprus Larnaca, the city of Larnaca is one of the oldest and most heritage and Cypriot cities in Cyprus, and comes third in terms of area and tourist importance after both Nicosia and Limassol.
The city of Larnaca is distinguished by its distinguished geographical location and its beaches overlooking the Mediterranean coast, which represents the southern shore of the island of Cyprus. The city also has a vast seaport, which is the second largest seaport in Cyprus, and the Larnaca Air Airport, which is the main airport of the island of Cyprus, is located within it.
Tourists flock to the island in large numbers annually because of its famous landscapes, the most prominent of which is the salty lake Larnaca, which is spread by the flamingos, so it is considered one of the most beautiful natural reserves around the world. And cafes, which makes it the perfect place to have a morning breakfast with coffee while watching the seaside, making the scene an attractive painting for many.
We offer you in Arab travelers the most prominent places of tourism in Cyprus for young people and families, specifically the city of Larnaca.

Tourism in Cyprus Larnaca

The tourist nature of the Larnaca Cypriot city is characterized by its harmonious combination of the fragrant ancient Cypriot history and the beauty of the scenic landscape, which makes it prevent many historical and natural sights in addition to a large number of luxury hotels and picturesque tourist resorts that make it a tour that you will not forget throughout your life, and to you The most important tourist attractions in Cyprus, Larnaca:

Larnaka City Great Mosque

  • The Larnaca Mosque is considered one of the most prominent historical monuments in the city, which was found in the days of the Ottomans in the form of tombs scattered under the dirt in the 18th century. The mosque owns several other names such as (Al-Takiya Mosque), (Umm Al-Haram Mosque) and this name is due to the historical story related to the death of Mrs. Umm The wife of Mrs. Obadah Ibn Samet is forbidden and buried in the place of the mosque before its discovery, then it was discovered by the Ottomans and restored to become one of the most important cultural, urban and Islamic heritage monuments around the world.
  • The area of ​​the mosque is sixty-three thousand square meters, and it was subjected to numerous attacks and vandalism throughout the ages, but it witnessed a campaign of extensive reforms, most notably its restoration process a short time ago and supervised by international architect Saleh Lami Mustafa.
  • The mosque has a tall minaret and in the surrounding park there is a huge picturesque fountain, which makes it an attractive element for large numbers of tourists, especially Muslims from different countries of the world.

Larnaca tourist attractions - Larnaca tourist attractions

Salt Lake, Larnaka City

  • The lake of the salt city of Larnaca is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Larnaca, and it is the second largest salt lake on the island of Cyprus with an area of ​​about 2.2 km², and it is one of the lakes of a very western nature, a neighborhood that consists mainly of four salt lakes, and is filled throughout the winter with fresh rain water to attract There are many flocks of flamingos in it every year during the winter season.
  • The lake dries completely during the month of July to turn into a thick layer of salt with a thickness of up to 10 cm, and the highest layer consists of a shiny layer of white, which gives it a beautiful view.
  • The lake is located in the southwest of the city of Larnaca and east of the village of Drumolaxia, and it is known locally (Lake Aliki) and it is one of the four lakes in the city.
  • The lake was declared a nature reserve in accordance with the Cyprus Environmental Law for the management and protection of natural and wild life in 1997

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Finikouds Larnaka Beach

  • Finikoudes Beach is one of the most famous beaches located in the Cypriot city of Larnaca, and the beach is very popular among citizens and tourists because of its purity and purity of its blue color that makes it sparkle in the golden sunlight, in addition to its soft clean sand, so the scene makes you spend a happy and quiet holiday without Any inconvenience or boredom.
  • The beach also has many restaurants, cafes and facilities for bathing after swimming in the water, which makes it one of the most beautiful marine tourism areas in Larnaca.
  • You can rent a sun and a chair to enjoy the magical view of the water for only 3 euros, which makes it an enjoyable tourism experience you never want to miss.

1581260610 500 Larnaca tourist attractions - Larnaca tourist attractions

Larnaca Camel Park

  • The camel park in Larnaca, Cyprus, is one of the most beautiful recreational tourism experiences, especially for children and families, as it consists of a vast desert area full of beauty of various sizes and shapes, which you can experience riding and enjoying the desert atmosphere inside the park, in addition to multiple types of wild animals such as wild rabbits.
  • You can also experience the desert life by purchasing a number of tents and trying camping in it during your trip to the park, which adds a measure of entertainment and fun for your tourist trip.

1581260610 527 Larnaca tourist attractions - Larnaca tourist attractions


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