Pictures of the city of Vietnam, if you are a lover of nature and enjoy the scenic views, splitting the sea in all its colors, this will be a strong incentive for the orientation of Vietnam, besides it is one of the most beautiful countries, it is also cheaper in terms of expenses and hotels. Tourism does not include tourism there for young people only, it helps in the enjoyment of all family members or even for traveling alone, if you are a fan of recreation, Arab travelers show you pictures of the most important tourist areas in Vietnam.

Pictures of Vietnam

The city of Vietnam was a separate ancient country which between two countries, and between 1955 AD to 1975 AD, various conflicts erupted between north and south Vietnam, and when this conflict ended the two countries united to become the joint republic of Vietnam, and the rule is in the socialist system, and its capital is the city of Hanoi, and Vietnam occupies an area 332 square kilometers of the area of ​​the continent of Asia, and its population is close to 86 million, the currency in the country is Dong, and the Vietnamese speak Vietnamese and also English.

Vietnam is located on the continent of Asia, in the south of the continent, which overlooks the most beautiful beaches in the world, and that helped her a lot to become one of the most important tourist destinations in the world and also its heritage, history, ancient cities, rural villages, which abound in the green nature and the lakes beside it.

The most famous tourist cities of Vietnam

Hoi An (Vivo)

Hoi An
Experts have classified the city of Hue as one of the World Heritage sites, due to the presence of buildings that contain in its construction and external appearance on the Portuguese, Chinese and French character and that one, and that makes it distinctive and unique, and also helped by the presence of ancient temples, bridges and monuments, and have distinctive views On the South China Sea, which makes it an important port during many centuries.
Hui An photos

  • The ancient city of Hoi An
  • Covered Japanese Bridge
  • An Bang Beach

The city of Hanoi

The city of Hanoi
Research conducted on Hanoi proved that this city dates back to 3000 BC due to its wet and hot climate in the summer and cold dry in the winter. Hanoi is distinguished by its location on the Red River, which helped it in an existing climate Hot in the summer and cool in the winter, there are also natural lakes that gave the city an aesthetic addition, and the mix between old buildings and modern development made it one of the most important tourist cities of Vietnam.
Hanoi, Vietnam Pictures

  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
  • Howlow Prison
  • Hoan Kiem Lake

City in Danang

City in Danang
This city was named by this name, not because it is located in the heart of Vietnam, and it has the most important port in the city, and there is a rise in the density of its local population, and because it is the city center considering the Vietnamese as a land transportation center, where there are many railways that link between North Vietnam And to the south, there is My Son Beach, Lang Co Beach and MY KHE Beach, which helped her directly to be one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam.

  • Marble Mountains
  • Dragon Bridge
  • Cham Museum of Sculpture

Ha Long Bay City

Ha Long Bay City
Halong Bay means in the Vietnamese language, it is the paradise of the bays in the world, and the Vietnamese also described it as a rock of heaven, due to its natural and rocky landscapes that make you fascinate from seeing it because it is one of the most important cities in the world in tourism and not only Vietnam, and it is a tourist attraction, and it directs both Looking for beauty and splendor, where there are many ship trips, through which you can see the wonderful caves, and also has a variety of small islands that surround these caves, and there are also many fishing lovers who go to the village to practice this hobby, because it contains 2000 islands have many And many different types of fish and islands are characterized by limestone, and one of the most important features of the city
Ha Long City, Vietnam

  • Halong Park
  • Quang Ninh Museum
  • Bai Chai Bridge

The city of Saba

Saba City Pictures
The city of Saba is the home of the green color around the world, because it has common areas of green mountain peaks and stunning scenery that amazes when you see them, and you will find yourself in front of the most wonderful islands in the world, and its climate is semi-tropical all year round, due to its elevation of 1500 meters from the sea. Among the most important features of the city:
Sapa city pictures of Vietnam

  • Saba Cable Car Station
  • Mong Hua Valley
  • Mount Fansipan

Phu Quoc Island

If you like to relax in the warm sunlight and have a special holiday in the most amazing islands of the world, you must go to Phu Quoc Island, beside nature and relaxation you will enjoy the enjoyment and harmony of the presence of many luxurious restaurants that provide delicious types of fish and the finest recipes, parks, resorts, and cafes If you are a fan of scuba diving and water sports, then it will be a great opportunity for you to enjoy practicing these hobbies, and there are also some markets, including Duong Dong Market. Among its most important features
Phu Quoc Island

  • São Beach
  • Phu Quoc Prison
  • Vinpearl Amusement Park

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