Halal tourism means everything that is allowed for Muslims, and the concept of halal applies to foods and all daily activities that are in line with Islamic law and traditions, separate swimming pools or beaches for women, private family pools, and alcohol-free menus are critical factors for tourists looking for halal tourism Among the famous places of tourism in Turkey.
Some Halal-friendly establishments also offer a copy of the Holy Qur’an, prayer mats, as well as a poster on the ceiling of the hotel room to show the Qiblah or the direction of the Holy Kaaba in Mecca, which Muslims turn to during their prayers.
To enhance the halal tourism sector in charming Turkey, the government has made great efforts, and has included halal tourism in its future vision for tourism in the country.
Turkish institutions, both private and public, offer many facilities to provide tourist places in Turkey that are in line with the ingredients and assets of the halal tourism sector.

Halal tourism in Turkey

Places of halal tourism in Turkey

Muslim tourists are looking for the same kind of experiences and enjoyment as non-Muslims, but they also need facilities that reflect Islamic values ​​such as hotels, halal restaurants, and other facilities.
Also, halal tourism is now combined with a variety of areas such as fashion, finance, culture and health, and many other services and facilities.
Turkey is one of the countries that enjoy a variety of tourist sites suitable for halal tourism, as the country includes many historical and archaeological sites, gardens and parks suitable for families, in addition to the country’s villages and countryside.
So it was necessary to provide hotels and restaurants that support the concept of halal in its facilities, so the country’s Ministry of Tourism provided the necessary assistance for such projects, which raised the number of resorts and hotels that provide swimming pools, beaches and separate spa centers for women, in addition to providing meals and dishes that are in line with the Sharia Islamic, and prohibiting all contravention.

Halal tourism Turkey

Halal tourism resorts in Turkey

Turkey hotels are considered one of the leading accommodations in the world, and a number of Turkish resorts have been allocated to suit the elements of halal tourism, such as providing closed pools for women, banning alcohol from residential units, and providing restaurants that serve food according to the requirements of Islamic Sharia.
Despite the spread of such hotels and resorts all over the country, the Antalya region is considered a leader in the field.
Also, the Antalya region, which is considered one of the most important areas of Turkish tourism, was the first to provide restaurants, cafes, resorts and facilities suitable for Muslims.

Antalya resorts for halal tourism

As the largest city on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, Antalya is a resort city rich in Turkish culture and includes several Islamic hotels in charming Antalya, including:

The Land of Legends Kingdom Resort

The Land of Legends Kingdom Resort offers indoor pools and a highly private spa, along with its other amenities and entertainment.
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Halal tourism in Turkey

Wind of Lara Ultra Hotel and Spa is all inclusive

The Wind of Lara Hotel & Spa includes rooms for women, an indoor pool, and a private beach suitable for halal and family tourism.
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Turkey halal tourism

Crowne Plaza Antalya

Crowne Plaza offers accommodations that include a jacuzzi, and also offers spa services and a Turkish bath, which features a high privacy, as well as indoor pools.
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Places of halal tourism in Turkey

Fame Residence Lara Resort & Spa

Fame Residence Resort has an indoor pool, Turkish bath and a highly private spa, and offers halal dishes in its restaurants, and facilities for children.
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Places of halal tourism Turkey

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