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Princesses Islands

It is located in Turkey in Istanbul, and it is known as the Red Islands. The entire area of ​​the island is equal to 15.85 square kilometers, and its sizes differ from each other, but in general it is considered small, and is considered a tourist area frequented by tourists, due to the stunning scenery and magical surroundings, and to the means of transportation Inside it, where horse carriages, bicycles, and motorcycles are used, and cars are prohibited, and its name is called Princesses Island, because in the Middle Ages, the princes of Alawite families were exiled, and in the Byzantine era princes and princesses came to spend a pleasant and beautiful time in them, and God B of the problems, and fatigue life.

Geography of Princess Islands

The island consists of 9 islands, where the ferry stops in 4 of these islands. In the summer, people flee the city to get a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, and the local population inside it is 15000, and Priocada Island is considered one of its largest islands, and more beautiful, and the afternoon is considered The most appropriate time to enjoy a beautiful time in it, and the ticket price is only 6 pounds to go, and children for free until the age of six years, and the ferry terminal is an archaeological place where it dates back to the Ottoman time, and it contains restaurants that offer different delicacies, especially mentioning fresh fish, and the island of Kinali It is one of the most popular islands It has tourists as it contains a distinctive and beautiful beach. As for the most important islands that make up the princesses, they are:

  • Buyuk Atha (The Big Island).
  • Hebili Atta (Saddle Bag Island).
  • Burgaz Ata (Castle Island).
  • Kenali Taha (Henna Island).
  • Seidev Atassi (Umm Al-Lulu Island).
  • Yasi Atha (flat island).
  • Severi Taha (for the island of sharp).
  • Kashik Atassi (The Spoon Island).
  • Tafshan Atassi (Rabbit Island).

Princesses climate

It is characterized by extreme cold in the winter, so that the frequency of tourists on it is lessened, and it can go to it through small ports in Istanbul, such as the port of Qabatash, but the main way of arrival is through large ports using marine boats, and the island of Buyuk is considered the largest of its islands, which represent Commercial position, distinguished by its natural forests and houses of the rich.

Princess Island features

  • It has a pollution-free atmosphere and stunning scenery.
  • It features antique buildings and dirt-free streets.
  • It is distinguished by its green trees and different flowers
  • It is characterized by the absence of ordinary streets and its movement is by car and bicycle.
  • It features antique and historic wooden hotels.
  • It is famous for various fishing.

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