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Nurai Island is located in the Arabian Gulf region, a few minutes away from the city of Abu Dhabi by boat, or by helicopter, and this island is considered a distinctive and luxurious residential resort, overlooking the eastern side of the Abu Dhabi coast, and away from Saadiyat Island a ten minutes by boat.

The designation of Nurai Island

It is noteworthy that the name Nurai Island is derived from the word light, which means that it is Paradise on earth, as this island is considered the appropriate place, and ideal for all people who prefer calm and tranquility; In the Emirates.

The components of Nurai Island

Nurai Island includes the island of Zaya Nurai, which is a distinctive and luxurious island, with 32 hotel villas and places to eat and drink. The Zaya Nurai Island Resort is equipped with luxurious facilities, large bathtubs, in addition to the presence of televisions alongside the coffee table, books, And wooden floors, and it is indicated that the island has been expanded to support development in the region, and can be accessed via private boats for that, or by plane.

General information about Nurai Island

There is a lot of information about Nurai Island, including the following:

  • The Zaya Nurai Island Resort is one of the most important places in Abu Dhabi.
  • It is distinguished by its charming nature, which fascinates hearts and eyes, in addition to its wonderful atmosphere.
  • Visitors to Nurai Island perform many activities, the most important of which are the following:
    • Walk and walk in the streets of the island.
    • Eat the finest foods and beverages in the island’s restaurants and cafes.
    • Visit multiple stores and buy gifts.
    • Relaxing sunset with friends and family in one of the island’s places.
    • Stroll through the many parks, parks and magnificent parks of Nurai Island.
    • Take many great pictures in the charming nature.
    • Swimming and diving in the beaches of the island.

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