During your arrival on the sea plane from Mali Island, you will receive stunning weather views of Vomuli Island, which extends over an area of ​​22 acres, surrounded by the charming turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, you are now near the most private islands of the Maldives, it is a haven for rest and away from the hustle of life, and it will seem to you a resort The St. Regis Maldives is designed in great harmony with the surrounding natural environment
And spread over these natural areas 77 private villas over the water or on the island, and each contains a private pool, and provides a set of activities and unique facilities. The lake area is embraced by a waterway and Iridium spa, while the beach area includes two wonderful and distinctive restaurants, while the forest area is characterized by the presence of a recreation and entertainment center and a wonderful café.

All of these areas are connected and intertwined with each other through beautiful and natural paths designed by the largest artists, in addition to presenting many charming artworks that the resort boasts, which are designed using local elements and materials. The green and lush surroundings of this luxury resort also reflect an unprecedented level of luxury, which will be enjoyed by elite travelers from around the world.

Astor Villa is one of the most beautiful and luxurious resort villas, providing all modern amenities and as the largest villa floating on the water level at the level of the Maldives, as it includes three bedrooms with an area of ​​more than 16,500 square feet, and guests can enjoy private butler service from St. Regis , Which is the distinguishing mark of this hotel brand, which provides a set of customized services around the clock. The villa also has an infinity pool spanning 1,000 square feet, a private fitness center, a small theater, a private spa, and two maid rooms, for guests accompanied by employees and personal service.
On the other hand, the resort’s spa, designed on the surface of the Indian Ocean, offers the most rejuvenating and active treatment sessions and sessions, in addition to the latest personal services provided by Ayurvedic (Ayurvedic) medicine experts, and acupuncture, where a resident Ayurvedic doctor is available The resort is to offer free consultations and stress the benefits of ancient Ayurvedic treatments. In addition, the spa includes six suites for a couple therapy sessions, a steam room, a sauna room, a Blue Hole swimming pool and the largest heated seawater treatment pool on the Maldives.

Also awaiting the opportunity to discover Voomuli House, one of the largest integrated recreational areas, which hosts a children’s club, a youth club, a large fitness center, a studio for meditation and yoga sessions, outdoor tennis courts, and a hairdressing and beauty salon. The boutique of The St. Regis Maldives Resort is spread over two floors, showcasing the latest fashion and accessories, and it occupies the third floor in the observatory tower, providing visitors with exciting and wonderful views of the enchanting ocean water page. The Vommuli Water Sports and Scuba Diving Center offers guests the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable leisure activities, whether they are above sea level, or in its depths.

In addition, six distinguished restaurants provide a delicious menu that extends from the famous italyn cuisine to the secrets of East Asian cuisine, to enhance your stay experience at the resort. The underground beverage cellar also contains a luxurious and prestigious collection of exclusive beverages. We also find the restaurant, which is made of an old shipping container, that shows us how to prepare the most delicious types of street food, whose menu changes daily. As for the beach restaurant, it specializes in preparing pizza, fresh juices and home-made ice cream, upon request.

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