St. Barts Island is one of the wonderful and distinctive islands in the Caribbean, and it is one of the most magnificent destinations that many international celebrities and stars intend. The island contains 21 wonderful beaches with golden and white sands with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. Throughout the island.

It has many private ports for thousands of luxury and upscale yachts that are owned by celebrities, and tourists can rent yachts and boats for enjoyable trips at sea. In addition, the island offers the opportunity to enjoy snorkeling to see the amazing sharks, lobsters, clams and rare green turtles scattered in the Caribbean waters.

St. Barts Island has many scenic landscapes that vary between forests, green meadows and charming mountains, as well as it contains many distinctive markets to be a distinctive tourist destination for shopping, where many of the stores of major international designers and the most famous fashion houses in the world.

The island includes a large number of international hotels and restaurants throughout the country and is often considered the ideal tourist destination for the rich. The island contains many monuments dating back to the period when it was a French and Swedish colony. The city is famous for its delicious types of food that are made with different cooking methods and vary from traditional French dishes to Indian dishes rich in western flavors.

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