emirgan korusu Entertainment guide at Amerikan Korusu Park, information about the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey and Istanbul, the most pleasure and comfort is going out for walks, so what if the place where you are walking is Amirjan Turkish Park in Istanbul, it will definitely be different, If you do not know anything about this park, continue today’s article on Arab travelers to know more.

Information on Emirgan Park

  • It is considered one of the most beautiful and largest public parks in Istanbul and it is originally a historical park located in Amirgan district in Istanbul, and this park is located on the European Bosphorus coast.
  • In the Byzantine era, the area in which the present garden was located was a place covered with forests and cypress trees until it was known as the cypress forest, and in the era of the Ottoman Empire the land where these forests were located and which was then uninhabited for the chancellor Lord Fereidun Bey was known as a park Faridun Bey.
  • And in the seventeenth century AD Sultan Murad IV granted the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire at the time this land to Emir Han, who is one of the military leaders in the Safavid state in Persia, and from here his name was transformed into Emirjan, this name which has been linked to it until now.
  • And from that period until the 1860s, the owner of these forests changed several times, until Khedive Ismail Pasha owned them from the period 1863 to 1879 and he built a wooden house overlooking the Bosphorus and built with it three other wooden wings that still exist today. And then the heirs of Khedive Ismail sold this park to the wealthy arms dealer Satfit Lotfi Touzan.
  • The last owner of this park settled on the Turkish government in the thirties of the twentieth century.
  • As for the status of the garden now, we find that it covers an area of ​​117 acres and is managed by the Istanbul Municipality, and there are more than 120 types of plants inside the garden and they also contain rare trees such as Turkish pine, halabi, rocky, blue pine, eastern white and marine pine, and It has trees such as Japanese and Lebanese cedar, Himalayan rice, beech, ash, willow, Hungarian oak, and camphor.
  • The park contains running tracks and a set of tables and chairs, and is considered the first outlet for all locals wishing to spend holidays or enjoy their times, as it is an excellent tourist destination for all who wish to enjoy the views of trees and flowers and lovers of nature and plants.

Three wings of Emirgan

As we mentioned before, Khedive Ismail built three wings inside the park, so what is the status of those wings now?
The three wings are called the yellow wing, the pink wing and the white wing, and as we note that the name is derived from the states of each of them.

  • First the yellow wing

The old purpose of this pavilion was when Khedive Ismail built it to be a host and a hunting lodge, which is made up of two floors, while the first floor, which is the ground floor, contains four rooms, one foyer, and a kitchen, and the second floor, the upper floor, contains three rooms and a small salon Also, it has one cellar and one balcony, and its area reaches 400 square meters, and it has been opened to the public as enough, but it still has many beautiful artifacts that are in line with the traditional Ottoman design and ceiling decorations of prominent and impressive rose shapes, and there are A pool of water next to the palace.

  • Second is the pink wing

This name was inspired by the color of the beautiful pink pink flower, which is also composed of two floors with many delicate motifs, and is also used as a café and can be used for weddings or some celebrations in the summer.

  • Third is the white wing

It consists of two floors and is located 150 meters from the yellow wing, and it is characterized by its classical and elegant appearance with a modern flair. This suite is used as a restaurant for local traditional Ottoman Turkish food.

Gallery with the best pictures of Emirus Kurosu garden

Sometimes a person can not imagine a place except through the pictures, so we show you those pictures that illustrate the beauty of the garden, and it will become clear to you by seeing the pictures that the tulip flowers top the scene in Amirjan Park in general.

Pictures of Emir Kurosu Garden
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And at the end of the article, we advise you to visit Amirjan Park whenever you travel to Istanbul, and we promise you fun, quiet and relaxation.

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