Directory of the names of the most important tourism companies in Saudi Arabia, many people search for the best tourism companies that they can deal with for the purposes of travel internally or externally, and for this we offer you a comprehensive guide on the most important tourism companies in Saudi Arabia in our article today on Arab travelers.

The most important tourist companies in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is distinguished by the diversity of tourism companies within it, as well as the difference in prices and services, and among the most important of these companies.

Al-Khalaf Travel and Tourism Agency

This company provides many services, such as booking hotels and flights, and providing tourist visas and international licenses, and it also provides distinctive tourism programs in the vicinity of entertainment and educational programs, based in Riyadh.

Global Leadership Company

Although this company is considered one of the relatively recent companies in Saudi Arabia, where it originated in 2001, it was able to occupy a distinguished place among Saudi tourism companies, not only that, but also was able to obtain an international ISO certificate because it provides high quality services and accurate and excellent service , And the activity of this company specifically in managing hotels and offering tourist services in Saudi Arabia, and its location in Jeddah.

Lamar Holidays International Company for Travel and Tourism

If you are a new groom and hope to spend a different, enjoyable and unique honeymoon, then you should go directly to Lamar because it makes honeymoon trips to the best tourist places, and it also booked airline tickets, hotels and even cars if you want, and that is in any A place around the world, and if you want to travel with friends, go with them immediately through Lamar because it prepares groups to travel for the purpose of tourism, and the location of that company in Riyadh.

Saudi Sunshine Trip Company

This company specializes in domestic trips only, where it organizes buses licensed by the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities, and makes the following trips with the provision of a tour guide and electronic guide who is speaking in a number of languages

  • Country trip
  • Museum trip
  • Safari trip
  • Beach trip
  • Popular dinner pot
  • Dinner cruise
  • Cruise excursion
  • Diving trip
  • Fishing trip

And the location of this company in Jeddah.

Travel times agency for travel and tourism

It specializes in booking internal and external airline tickets and extracting all types of visas, with the presence of the hotel reservation service and the preparation of tourist programs, and it provides another excellent service which is to send groups abroad for the purpose of learning the English language or it can be considered as an emission abroad.

Happy Life Agency for Travel and Tourism

This company is interested in booking flights and hotels, preparing tourist programs abroad and organizing these trips, and it is characterized by providing tourist, medical and marine trips, and it also sends missions to learn languages ​​abroad in the best international universities.

Hajj and Umrah companies

The most important thing that distinguishes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the presence of the Holy Kaaba, which is considered the first destination for religious tourism for Muslims around the world. For this reason, Saudi Arabia provided many private tourism companies to provide services for pilgrims and pilgrims.

Saudi Guide for Tourism and Umrah

This company specializes in providing Umrah tourism services in terms of movement within the Kingdom and hotel accommodations, in addition to making internal tourism trips.

Rabiza Company for Umrah Performers

This company was established in 2006 by the Rapisa business establishment, and this company has been interested in tourists from their arrival until their departure to the fullest.

Al Baraka Arab Company for Hajj and Umrah

It is considered one of the most famous companies in the field of religious tourism for Hajj and Umrah, and it extends for more than 25 years. .

Saleh Al-Dhafiri Company for Hajj and Umrah

Interested in providing tourist services for pilgrims inside the Kingdom only, whether they are Saudi nationals or residents of it, and everyone who dealt with this company praised the quality of service, good treatment and attention to all details.
Finally, we hope that we have helped you in getting to know the most famous tourism companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we wish you happy times on your leisure trips, acceptable Umrah and Hajj justified on your religious trips.

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