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Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are made up of an archipelago located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, specifically in the area between the states of Iceland and Norway, and the total island area reaches 1400 square kilometers, and is inhabited by about 50 thousand people. The coordinates of the islands are limited to 62 degrees north latitude, and 6 degrees 47 degrees longitude to the west.

The system of government in the islands is a constitutional monarchy, and it is ruled by Queen Margaret II. Mr. Dan Michael Knudsen is the High Commissioner of the Islands, while Mr. Axel V. Johansson is her first minister. There are some areas that remain under the responsibility of Denmark, such as military defense, the judiciary, and foreign affairs.

the climate

The islands are affected by a semi-polar climate, and they are also affected by the tundra climate in some coastal or very low areas, although the winter season is moderate but the summer is relatively cold, where there are 260 days of the year are cloudy and rainy days, and the average precipitation The rain on the part is over 1,260 milliliters during one year.


Evidence has been found that, during 400-600 AD and 600-800 AD, people settled in the islands for two consecutive periods before Norwegian arrival.

During the year 1856 AD, the monopoly of trade in the islands was abolished, which allowed many people to fish on the islands, and during 1906 AD the policy of the islands began to emerge through the establishment of political parties, and on April 12, 1940 the British forces invaded the part, in order to strengthen control British forces on the northern parts of the Atlantic Ocean, and during the years 1942/1943 British engineers built Vagar Airport as a kind of reinforcement, and in 1948 AD the islands gained self-rule, and despite that the islands refused to join Denmark and the European Union in 1973 AD. The islands suffered an economic crisis during the early 1990s Behind the collapse of the fishing.


Despite the collapse of the islands economy in the nineties, since 200 AD a new stage of economic growth and prosperity started by establishing new technological and commercial projects through which new investments can be attracted, and this contributed to reducing the unemployment rate, to become the lowest European country with an unemployment rate And, despite that, she obtained a loan of $ 52 million in 2008, after the deterioration of the banking sector.

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