Rose Island

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Rose Island

Rose Island is the same city of Mansoura, which is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt, specifically on the eastern bank of the Damietta River, which is one of the branches of the Nile River, and is a distance of one hundred and twenty kilometers from the capital, the city of Cairo, its construction dates back to the six hundred and sixteen years of migration for the Ayyubid period The complete king, Nasir al-Din Muhammad ibn al-Malik al-Adil Abi Bakr ibn Ayyub, is affiliated with the Daqahliyah district, and it is also called the shelter of the lovers, for the spread of gardens and parks in it.

reason of calling

Call it the Rose Island:
The first reason that called the island of roses by this name is that it contains the largest rose garden in all of Egypt, this is on the one hand, and the second reason is because it is surrounded by water from its three sides, which led to the spread of Riyadh, winds and roses for the abundance of water in it, and this name returns to One thousand two hundred and nineteen AD.

Call it Mansoura:

This name belongs to the days of the seventh Crusade, which was led by the French King Louis IX, who besieged Damietta, which prompted the complete king to order his soldiers and his princes and his princes to build them, surrounded them with a wall on the eastern Nile, and hidden him with curtains and military and military equipment, to be a dam and a bulwark in the face of his enemies , In which Egypt triumphed over this campaign and the restoration of Damietta.

Administrative divisions

Al Bandar or Al Madinah, and includes both the East Mansoura neighborhood and the West Mansoura neighborhood, as well as many Egyptian villages and countryside such as: Al-Hussainiya, Jadila, Kafr Al-Damas, Izbat Al-Shall, Qaryat Al-Minya, Kafr Qafan, Azbat Al-Shaarawy, Kafr Awad, and Al-Firdous City, And the little sea. As for the most important streets, they are: Al-Jomhoria Street, Ahmed Maher Street, Abdel Salam Aref Street, Suez Canal Street, and others.


  • Al Basateen Research Station: It is a plant specialized in plant research, followed by the Agricultural Research Center in Cairo, which includes many botanists and specialists, in addition to laboratories and laboratories that are useful in this field.
  • Mansoura University: It is ranked third after the American University and Cairo University, and it occupies the ninth rank among the universities of the African continent, and it has student dormitory cities, as well as an Olympic village with extensive fields, and has hosted many sports competitions and championships in it.
  • Clubs: The most famous of them is Al Mansoura Sports Club, as well as the Workers Club, in addition to the Police Club, and there is the Al Hawar Club, and the Rose Island Club, which is the most famous club in Egypt where it overlooks the Nile, and includes swimming pools and also tennis, which is a social club with distinction, in addition to tourist facilities and recreational activities.


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