Know the value of the signal break violation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the amendments to the violations system were imposed by the Saudi Traffic Authority in the recent period, after which there were changes in the price and value of violations, including violations of the signal cut, and we will get to know Arab Arab travelers On the value of the violations related to the disconnection of the signal.

Signal violation for Saher:

Saher system works to monitor traffic violations, among which are violations for cutting the signal, where the violation and its value differ depending on the type of violation for cutting the red signal, since in the case of cutting the signal, the vehicle is monitored and the value of the violation is calculated, according to how the signal is cut, The system works to monitor many other traffic violations, and the system works to monitor them very quickly, and electronically.

Signal break violation value:

As for the value of cutting the red signal from Saher’s system, many different adjustments have been made to traffic safety for the Saudi citizen and people residing in all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the special system for Saher is doing monitoring The violation for cutting the signal in electronic form, and for the value of the value of the red signal pieces, it ranges between three thousand Saudi riyals, with a minimum, and in some cases, the value of the violation for cutting the red signal to six thousand Saudi riyals for residents of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and for Saudi nationals as well, and different value to cut off the signal depending on how the signal cut.

How to identify a Saher signal cut offense:

The value of the traffic violation can be identified from the Saher system, in electronic form, and identify the type of other violations, and the time at which the violation was observed to cut the signal from Saher, through these following steps:

  • The website of the Saudi Ministry of Interior is accessed at the following:
  • After that, login to the site, which can enter the ID number of the Saudi citizen or enter the residence number, is for residents only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Letters and numbers are entered correctly in order to be able to enter the site quickly.
  • After that, the section on electronic services is entered.
  • Then enter the box for inquiring about traffic violations.
  • Then it is entered on another page, which includes how to inquire by entering the ID number
  • The number is then written below the ID number, which is written below correctly.
  • Then click on the word “Display”, after which the violation for the signal’s cut-off time is displayed, as well as its value.
  • After that, the value of the violation can be quickly identified and paid.

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