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Seychelles Islands

The Seychelles islands are a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean on the continent of Africa, with its capital Victoria. It was named after a French official who was a tax collector. The islands consist of 155 islands and 1,600 kilometers from the African coast in the east.

In the middle of these islands are Mahia Islands, Praslin, and La Diego, and they are characterized by rocky granite islands, some of them are coral islands that dive under the surface of the water, and are characterized by their low litter and the absence of volcanoes in them.

History of the Seychelles

The history of the Seychelles Islands dates back to the seventeenth century AD, where the effects indicate the existence of human life in these islands from the Portuguese time, they are the first to inhabit these islands, as the Seychelles Islands were one of the most important places for pirates to hide, and a base for their departure to roam the Indian Ocean, and in the year 1756 AD The French state decided to annex the islands to it after sending the French ruler Mauritius to a ship to explore the Seychelles, so the captain of the ship, Mahe de la Bourdonas, landed on the largest of the Seychelles, and named it the ruler, who is still called the island until now.

In 1770 AD, the first shipment of the French arrived to the islands to build their colonies, and planted reeds, tea, coffee, and many other plants. After that, France ceded the Seychelles to Britain after the war between Napoleon and Bonaparte in 1814 AD, so that the Seychelles Islands became a colony Stand-alone, and won independence in 1976 AD in June.

Seychelles Tourist Islands

Private island of Fregate

It is one of the most beautiful islands of Seychelles with an area of ​​3 square kilometers, and is characterized by the proliferation of turtles in it greatly, there are about 2200 giant sea turtles, and there are many types of picturesque tropical birds and private ponds housing, and tourists can visit the island to enjoy the picturesque nature and wonderful weather, and can rent The island is completely private.

The enchanted island

It is one of the distinctive hidden islands in the white sand dunes, and the presence of many rock formations in it, and many types of lush plants, and tourists can enjoy the view of turquoise waters, seeing many colorful marine animals, diving, swimming, and fishing.

Cusine Island

It is one of the quiet islands that is characterized by the possibility of adventure, exploration, relaxation, enjoying the picturesque nature, and visiting the nature reserve in it. It is possible to stay in the finest resorts that provide all the distinctive tourist services and offer delicious food dishes.

Coffee Island

It is one of the islands located in the north of the island of Archipelago, and is characterized by the presence of many small huts in it, which tourists can stay in, as well as the presence of green turtles in it, and many species of birds threatened with extinction.

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