Tourist islands in Turkey

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Turkey is a secular Islamic country located in the Middle East, bordered to the east by Armenia and Iran, to the west by the Aegean Sea, Bulgaria and Greece, to the north by the Black Sea and Georgia, to the north by Iraq and Syria and the Mediterranean, and it is a country with multiple cultures and inhabited by many different human races, as well as A country with a beautiful natural and environmental characteristic and it has many beautiful historical and archaeological places, which made it a special and distinguished destination for many tourists.

Tourist islands in Turkey

Princesses Islands

It is a beautiful island located in the Sea of ​​Marmara off the coast of Istanbul, which has an area of ​​1585 square kilometers, and its population in the summer is approximately 800 thousand people; because most of the population of Istanbul go to spend their summer vacations away from the noise of the city, and in winter it has a population of 15,000 Nesma, this island is distinguished by its beautiful atmosphere and its mild weather in summer and very cold in winter. This island also depends on transportation on horses and bicycles in it and not on modern cars, which makes it quieter.

It has many old houses, wooden houses, narrow streets, huge trees and beautiful beaches, which makes them more distinct from other destinations and destination for many tourists, and on the way from Istanbul to this island via the ship that passes from below the Bosphorus Bridge, boats, castles, historical palaces, and luxury hotels in Istanbul, as for why it was called the Princesses Island, dates back to the Byzantine era, where tribute was the exile of princes and princesses.

Buyuk Atha Island

It is the largest island in the princesses, with a small commercial center, and the rest of its lands are forests and natural forests, and it contains many residences and homes for the rich, and it is possible to turn around on the Hantour cart for two hours to discover it, and in it an old wooden hotel is the largest wooden building in the world dating back to the eighteenth century, Euroc Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches that meets a charming glimpse on the opposite side of Hebli Island. It is also possible to travel in its streets by bicycle to practice various sports in the forests of Magnolia and Mimosa, and explore the high suburbs overlooking the Marmara Sea and the area of ​​restaurants and cafes.

Needle Island

It is one of the most famous tourist areas near Istanbul, and is characterized by its sea, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and exciting natural gardens, and there is a Ottoman sea lighthouse that is 148 years old, and its residents are famous for honoring the guest, it is one of the places where natural honey is frequently manufactured

Marmara Island

It is the second largest Turkish island in terms of area, reaching 117.18 square kilometers. It is a tourist and commercial center of attraction between it and Istanbul. The island is famous for the alabaster rocks spread on the island, as it is distinguished by its geographical diversity between mountains, hills and plains.


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