Shopping has always been one of the most important stops of any tourist trip, as it is besides obtaining gifts and souvenirs for the holiday for many years, which is one of the main means that enable tourists to get acquainted with the local cultures of the countries they visit, by looking at local products and talking to the people of the region directly.
Also, shopping tourism is one of the most effective means in promoting tourist destinations, and it is often an integral part of any tourist trip, and a very important factor in choosing a destination, but some may travel specifically for the purpose of shopping only, according to a statistic conducted by the American Tourism and Travel Industries Bureau Shopping is the preferred activity of 90% of Asians and 86% of Western European tourists, knowing that 50% of sales of luxury goods and luxuries in Europe come from tourists and foreign visitors.

What drives people to shop outside their countries?

The goods that tourists usually buy are not limited to luxuries, but may include other goods such as clothing and electronics that are much less expensive than those available in their country of origin, for example, Brazilian tourists mean the United States of America, because their prices are generally lower than Brazil by a percentage that may Up to 70%, and they spend twice as much than other countries, tourists also go to Paris because the prices of the original brands are lower than those imported to their countries. Therefore, savings can be said to be the primary driver behind many shopping tourism trips.

The best shopping tourism destinations

There are several factors that are very important in determining the destination of travel and shopping lovers travel among the many global destinations, which include ease of movement and the level of efficiency of public transportation systems, the true value of offers and discounts and whether they are feasible or not, and the extent of diversity in the types and types of goods available and the number of markets and stores And the various brands found in the city.
There are many cities that meet these specifications, in addition to enjoying many additional benefits at the same time, which include:

New York: countless options

HolidayMay_United States of AmericaTimes_ Square_New York - myriad options_Shopping_1000x750
One of the largest and most diverse global cities in the world, where new concepts of fashion and style are constantly being invented. Shoppers here find products, art pieces, and fashions belonging to all the fashions of fashion and brands that have appeared during the past century, and this requires long hours of daily roaming in the markets and stores.

Tokyo: The jewel of the Far East

The shopping experience in Tokyo is most characterized by department stores such as the giant international chain store “Estian” whose main branch is located in Tokyo. This store consists of eight different buildings spread over two streets, and it works staff who are fluent in English, Korean and Chinese, in addition to providing a special guide service when shopping from various types of goods that include everything from traditional Japanese clothing to local and international foods.

Kuala Lumpur: the city that satisfies all tastes

Holiday-May_Malaysia_Kuala Lumpur_Kuala Lumpur-City-that satisfies all-tastes_Shopping_1000x750
The Malaysian capital includes three of the ten largest shopping centers in the world, the most famous being the fourth largest shopping center in the world “1 Utama”, which includes 650 stores and a huge garden on its roof with 500 different species of rare plants, and an internal rainforest with koi ponds and a fish tank Fresh water, there are many places and things a tourist can do in Malaysia.
What shoots Kuala Lumpur most is the combination of high-end market brands and stores that offer products at reasonable prices and high quality at the same time, in addition to amazing campaigns, discounts and offers that last for several months sometimes.

Dubai: the perfect destination for shopping mall enthusiasts

Holiday-Mai_Emirates-United Arab Emirates_Dubai_Dubai-Mall_Dubai- the ideal destination for lovers-shopping-malls-shopping_1000 x750
The city where shopping is an enjoyable activity for the whole family, which includes the largest shopping center in the world by area, the Dubai Mall. Among the most important stores in the mall is the branch of the French Galeries Lafayette Gallery, and the first branch of Bloomingdale’s stores outside the United States of America, but the experience of visiting the Dubai Mall is not only limited to shopping, but also includes entertainment in the huge games park “Sega Republic” and activities such as watching the dancing fountain shows and basin Marine Biology.
The Dubai Mall is not the only one, as Mall of the Emirates is waiting for you in Dubai, which also has the first indoor snow slope, chalets and winter resorts in the Middle East! Dubai is a paradise for shoppers at all times of the year, but visits should not be missed especially during the shopping festival period in January and February of each year, because you will find incredible offers and discounts in all popular markets, stores, shops and shopping centers on all types of merchandise.

Paris: the city of love and fashion

If you are a collector of exotic and precious things, outfits with out-of-the-box designs or buying and collecting antiques and modern artwork, then the French capital market should be your next destination! Paris is where the most famous shopping street in the world is located; the Champs-Elysées, which houses the major stores of the most famous brands like Chanel, Dior, Zara, Ghab and Sephora.
Among other types of tourism is medical tourism, which, unlike shopping tourism, most people usually resort to the need more than leisure or recreation, which is a broad concept that includes travel for various health purposes, whether for the purpose of disease prevention or health rehabilitation first of medical convalescence or to treat a condition Certain experiences are not available for treatment in the country of residence of the patient.
Besides Dubai, there are many ideal destinations in the Middle East for shopping tourism, such as Turkey, which is a favorite of lovers of historical old markets such as the Grand Istanbul Bazaar and the Egyptian market, as well as modern shopping centers such as Jewels Mall in Istanbul and Inca Mall in Ankara.

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