The famous coastal city of Amalj is one of the most important tourism cities in Saudi Arabia, which follows the region of Tabuk and is 500 km away from it.
Touristic, the Al-Amlaj bears the title of Saudi Maldives thanks to its picturesque beaches with pure sand and clear waters, exciting wildlife and ideal accommodation and hiking for families, which makes the Al-Amal beaches among the most popular destinations for Arab and foreign tourists and even residents of the Kingdom who want to tourism in the mug and visit the charming Maldives.

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Best Trowel Hotels

Al-Majal has a charm and a special beauty, which in turn is reflected in its hotels and resorts that feature stunning views as well as its high-end services, which are the best among Saudi hotels at all. Below we provide a list of the best Al-Majal hotels based on the opinions of previous visitors .. Read more

The most beautiful beaches of Umluj in Saudi Arabia

Amgou beaches

Thanks to the wonderful coastal views of the city of El-Tamj, dear reader, we address with you the most important and best beaches of El-Meg that are recommended to visit and rich in all meanings of magic and beauty.

Beach, Trowel

Ulmuj Beach is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of the Kingdom and the most popular and crowded with tourists as well as fishing boats due to its proximity to the port of the city.
On the beach of Al-Amalj you can enjoy a unique and enjoyable experience by seeing the fishermen go out early in the morning on their boats for hunting and then return with tons of varied and fresh fish that you can also enjoy their delicious taste in one of the al-Majal restaurants near the port or buy them from the market of Al-Amalj for a cheap price.
In addition to this, the beach and port of Al-Amalj are connected to a group of islands that enjoy smooth white sand, diverse wild life, mountain and plain views, and clear waters despite the lack of coral reefs, with nearby archaeological sites, some dating back to the era of Islamic civilization.

Shatt al-Amalj website in Saudi Arabia

Ras Al Shaban beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Al-Tamj is ideal for summer and family resorts. The picturesque beach offers visitors the opportunity to camp and relax on its soft white sands and dive among its colorful and diverse coral reefs.
It is also one of the city’s best and most child friendly beaches due to its shallow depth of water which gives them a safe swimming pool.
The beach is south of the Umluj, 3 km away.

The most beautiful beaches in the desert

Duqm Beach

One of the most beautiful family beaches of the full-service resort and amenities, as the beach includes a number of numbered camps and huts for beach camp lovers, along with the safe swimming areas and the corniche area decorated with green areas, gardens, palm trees, lighting units and comfortable family sessions overlooking the sea, as well as walking paths paved.
The most important thing that Duqm Beach provides to its safety factor, through rescue teams and border guards working around the clock to meet any emergency in the fastest time and with high efficiency.

The most beautiful beaches of Umluj

Seashell beach

One of the best beaches of Al-Amalj, a resort of the same name, located in Al-Murjan, on King Abdulaziz Road.
The beach includes a group of chalets of different sizes, from small, medium and large, all overlooking the clear sea, including what is designed to host families, including what is specific to individuals.

Seashell beach in Umloj

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