Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica is one of the eight cathedrals in Kerala and is one of the tourist attractions in India Kerala, located in the Fort Kochi area and this church is one of the most important heritage monuments in Kerala, and tourists from all over the world visit them over the course of The year is striking.

Santa Cruz Cathedral in Kerala

The church is distinguished by the presence of a group of towers with a bright exterior appearance, the design of which is predominantly white inside and outside, and in general, the cathedral decorations are distinguished by being built according to the Gothic school, which is famous for the splendor of its construction.
This magnificent and breathtaking architectural edifice that spanned a century is considered a tourist attraction in Kerala and a great place for fans of ancient architecture, and for researchers in history and ardent monuments

Santa Cruz Kerala Cathedral

The best activities at the Santa Cruz Cathedral in Kerala

• You will get a lot of enthusiasm when you visit the cathedral and witness the beauty of the wonderful architectural design of the cathedral with its towers and windows and the exterior shape decorated with arches and during your tour you will learn about the history of its origins and the history of India and its culture

Santa Cruz Cathedral in Kerala, India

• Your visit to Santa Cruz Cathedral in Kerala allows you to climb to the top of the two towers and enjoy panoramic views of the city and the beauty of the area, where the traditional old houses and the beauty of the sea and air together will see the entire city from above

Santa Cruz Cathedral India

• You can take a cruise on a traditional boat in the sea and enjoy and spend wonderful times that allow you to get to know the place and its culture and you will see the big nets of the fishermen and their traditional tools they use in fishing

Santa Cruz Cathedral in India

• You may have a great opportunity to attend a side of ceremonies and ceremonial rituals that are held in the vicinity of the place and for the followers and visitors of the cathedral, where beautiful songs, colorful costumes and radiant lights
• The cathedral is located in an active tourist area where you will find many shops and shops to buy distinctive souvenirs. Also, it is a bustling area with restaurants, cafes that overlook the sea and fishing places. You can have lunch with your families, especially fresh fish and enjoy intimate times with them.

Santa Cruz Cathedral is one of the best tourist places in Kerala

Top hotels near Kerala Cathedral in Kerala

The Fort Hotel Bungalow is a two-star hotel in India, only 150 meters from Santa Cruz Cathedral in Kerala
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The hotel has had excellent reviews on both services, hygiene and staff.
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Hebron Inn Hotel is one of the most important hotels in Kerala, just 50 meters from Santa Cruz Cathedral in Kerala
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The hotel got excellent reviews in all respects.
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Santa Cruz Cathedral site in India

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