Kozhikode visit

Kozhikode known as Calicut is a place that attracts its visitors with its charming and quiet countryside beaches, valleys and rivers with some prominent historical monuments such as ancient temples and primitive churches.

Visit Wayanad

Tourism is responsible for managing the concept of sustainable tourism in Wayanad, where it is filled with tourists all year round, and it is known as the green paradise in Kerala, it looks as if it is covered with green carpets, and God has endowed them with this land which is full of natural beauty.

Visit Alappuzha

Abusa, or the land of remote areas known as (Venice of the East), should be at the top of the list of places to visit in Kerala in the month of December. The place is famous for high-rise boat rides and freshwater rides.

Visit the Vagamon Hills Station

The hill station in Fagamon located in Idoki is one of the hidden areas in Kerala state, as it is not visited frequently by local and international tourists, but many interesting activities are held there such as paragliding, mountain climbing and rock climbing.

Visit Neelambathi

Neliyampaty is a jewel of Kerala state located about 62 km from Palakkad, and this region offers some amazing views of the tea and coffee plantations spread across the city.

Iduki Visit

Idukki district is a dense forest and rugged mountain ranges and is famous for the presence of a wildlife reserve and rubber plantations. The name Idukki refers to a deep strait in Malayalam because it is hidden between the green hills and rugged surroundings, and 97% of Iduki is covered in the depths of dense forests and rocky mountains.

Visit Cherai Beach

The moment you set foot in Kerala, do not miss the opportunity to visit Cherai Beach, and this beach is very popular for exotic adventure tours and a panoramic view to look at.

Visit Bouvar

When you visit the southern end of Kerala and specifically Thiruvananthapuram, do not miss the opportunity to visit the coastal village of Bouvar, this quiet village dedicated to nature lovers and recreational lovers, and this land is intended for those who like to hang out on the beach or surfing.

Visit Kochi Fort

Don’t miss the famous K.J Herschel Street in the charming Immanuel Fort, which is a strong reminder of the former Indian King’s alliance with the Portuguese President, as Vasco da Gama was buried in St. Francis Church in the same region.

The weather in December

The weather in Kerala in December is warm and the temperature during the day may reach about 31 ° C. This heat may be dangerous when exposed to long periods, so do not forget to drink large amounts of water during the day to keep your body hydrated.
It is preferable not to be exposed to sunlight until sunset, while at night the temperature drops to 23 ° C, and the rate of rainfall falls less than the rest of the months.

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