The country of Morocco is considered one of the most important Arab countries that possess great tourism components, which are similar to European countries in the terrain and climate, as it has a charming view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea together, as it has many picturesque beaches that help you spend your summer vacation in a wonderful way If your choice is tourism in Morocco

Best hotels in Morocco

Morocco is distinguished by a variety of hotels that strive to provide services with a high level of quality for visitors in order to satisfy them.

Beaches in tourist Morocco

The best beaches of Morocco

Morocco has a group of beaches that are characterized by its soft sand, clear blue waters that mix with the fresh air and warm sunshine to provide a wonderful experience of enjoying nature. In the following lines we will present to you some of the best beaches of Morocco that are worth visiting.

Island beach

The beach is located in the Ait Bamran region and is considered one of the distinctive beaches of Morocco, and it is one of the beaches surrounded by high elevations and natural terrain on each side, which attracted the admiration of many visitors, and is a kiss for photography lovers, where they can capture the most wonderful pictures of the sea view decorated with rocks and surrounded by highlands.

Beaches in Morocco

Agadir Beach

If you are looking for a feeling of relaxation and relaxation, you will not find better than the beach of Agadir, which is considered one of the most beautiful tourist beaches in Morocco, as it is preferred by many visitors and owners of the city thanks to its calm and wonderful views, and they can also practice many recreational activities at the beach, including horse riding and do various sports and water activities such as diving Swimming and rowing.
This is in addition to the presence of many restaurants spread around the beach through which you can eat fast food in the event of feeling hungry, and you can also take a break on the promenade of this beach.

Morocco's tourist beaches

Oualidia beach

It is considered one of the beaches that has a distinguished tourist position among visitors, as it is known for its stunning beauty and overwhelming tranquility. The Walidia Beach won the title of the Blue Badge four times as one of the best beaches of Morocco, and many summer and winter parties are held that delight visitors, which attracts thousands of tourists to This beach is for relaxation and enjoyment at one time.

Beaches of Morocco

Martil Beach

This beach is located 12 km from the city of Tetouan in Morocco and is characterized by the beauty of its waters, and it is famous for boats that take visitors on enjoyable sea trips, in addition to that near the beach there are a group of hotels where you can sleep and relax to enjoy the longest time possible on Martil Beach.

Beaches in tourist Morocco

Kimado Beach

This beach is located in the Al Hoceima area directly on the Mediterranean Sea, where the beach is considered the best in this city thanks to its picturesque nature and its charming beauty, especially since it is surrounded by highlands covered in greenery, and it is characterized by its wonderful calm that enables visitors to enjoy swimming or relaxing.

Beaches in Morocco

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