The luxury neighborhoods of Riyadh are located in the north of the city, as it includes the most important universities such as Princess Noura University, not to mention the fact that hotels and hotel apartments north of Riyadh are among the finest in the city.

The north is also considered a new and developed area, and it contains the most vital and economic places such as King Khalid International Airport and King Abdullah Financial Center.

Riyadh apartments in general, and hotels north of Riyadh in particular, are distinguished by their multiplicity and diversity, and they are distinguished by a strategic geographical location and important service facilities.

The best hotel apartments north of Riyadh

We show you a group of hotel apartments in Riyadh, specifically hotel apartments and suites north of Riyadh, which include housing units, enjoying the best services and facilities, that meet your needs.

Boudl Al-Wadi Apartments Riyadh

Boudl Hotel Apartments in Riyadh is distinguished by giving you a feeling in which you feel at home, as it provides comfort and relaxation.

Where all suites and rooms consist of a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, all equipped with the best types of furniture and the latest equipment.

King Khalid Airport is 18 km from Boudl Al Wadi Apartments, and Granada Riyadh Center and Al Nakheel Mall are about 3.5 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Visitors found Boudl Al-Wadi apartments, the best hotel apartments north of Riyadh, with a very good evaluation, in terms of staff, comfort, location, cleanliness and value for money.

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Aparthotel north of Riyadh, a unique geographical location close to vital facilities

Rafaa Residence Riyadh apartments

If you are looking for hotel apartments north of Riyadh to enjoy calm and comfort, then Rafa’a Riyadh Residence will provide you with what you need, in an excellent location close to the main roads.

The residential units vary from double and deluxe rooms to others, with street and soundproofed bedrooms, a comfortable living room and a kitchen with all electrical equipment.

It also provides several services and facilities, including parking, various cleaning services, as well as a terrace with a distinctive street view.

Riyadh Gallery Mall is 8 km from Rafa’a Residence, 9 km from Riyadh Park, and King Khalid Airport is 18 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Visitors found good Riffa housing flats, in terms of cleanliness, staff performance and the location it occupies in the city.

However, some found the price somewhat exaggerated.

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Learn about the most luxurious hotel suites north of Riyadh with upscale specifications and excellent services

Elite Elite Hotel Suites

Elite Elite is an upscale hotel suite north of Riyadh, providing all the amenities guests need.

There are many types of rooms and suites in them to suit all tastes, as they are available in different sizes and number of rooms as desired, and they are all equipped with the finest furniture and the latest equipment.

It also includes many facilities such as terraces, coffee shop, games rooms for children, a picnic area and parking garage.

The hotel is 19 km from King Khalid Airport, 3 km from Granada Center, and 8 km from Riyadh Park.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments, located in the list of hotel apartments north of Riyadh, have received good evaluation from visitors, in terms of both the staff and the cleanliness of the apartments.

However, some guests suggested changing beds as they are uncomfortable.

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The best hotel apartments north of Riyadh that cater to the needs of all its visitors

Rest Night Hotel Suites

Rest Night includes hotel apartments north of Riyadh, and its luxurious residential units are fully serviced and highly qualified staff.

The types of apartments available suit all guest preferences at competitive prices. Each apartment also has a living room, and a kitchen with a stove, fridge and microwave.

King Khalid Airport is 20 km from Rest Night Apartments, 3 km from Al Mursalat Celebration Hall and 5 km from Riyadh Park.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Both staff, location, value for money and comfort were good for the visitors.

A number of guests also suggested securing some kitchen tools and electrical equipment.

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Hotel suites north of Riyadh characterized by sophistication and luxury

Pearl Daria Hotel Apartments

It is considered one of the best tourist facilities north of Riyadh, as it is located in a commercial area close to the King Abdullah Financial Center.

It has individual and family bedrooms with comfortable beds, and a living room equipped with all amenities of air conditioning and heating.

There is also a café in Durr Daria, a hot and cold beverage café, as well as a car park and an ATM.

The distance between it and King Khalid Airport is 20 km, and the Panorama Mall is 10 km, and the Riyadh Mall is 4 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Durar Daria guests found the apartments good, in terms of available staff, great location, and value for money.

This makes hotel apartments north of Riyadh suitable for all travelers, and some have suggested the need for furniture in the rooms to be renewed.

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Hotel apartments north of Riyadh with the best specifications and the cheapest prices, the finest facilities

What are the best hotel apartments in the north of Riyadh?

considered as Boudl Al-Wadi Apartments Riyadh The best hotel apartments north of Riyadh have received high ratings from Arab visitors.

How much does it cost to stay in North Riyadh apartments for one night?

Standard room rates per night are $ 61, and vary depending on the season.

What apartments do you recommend in north Riyadh for families?

considered as Rafaa Residence Riyadh apartments , Pearl Daria Hotel Apartments , And Elite Elite Hotel Suites It is one of the best accommodations for its spacious rooms, distinguished facilities, and providing high privacy.

What are the best hotel apartments at economical prices in North Riyadh?

Rest Night Hotel Suites They are hotel suites north of Riyadh at economical rates and have received good reviews from Arabs.

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