Istanbul occupies the lion’s share of the Black Sea coast and is classified as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey, with its distinctive nature, mild climate, charming and pure beaches, with a number of popular markets, ancient archaeological sites and parks that provide enchanting views of the famous Bosphorus.

With all this amount of waterfronts, it was natural for the beaches of Istanbul for the families overlooking it to enjoy a picturesque nature and a beauty that captivates the hearts of everyone who passed through to make it one of the most important attractions of tourism in Istanbul for recreation enthusiasts.

Istanbul beaches

Best hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul includes a group of the best hotels in Turkey, not only with its level of services and facilities, but also with its quiet sea views of the Bosphorus water and the most beautiful beaches in Istanbul. The link includes the best Istanbul beach hotels according to the experiences of Arab tourists and their assessments .. Read more

The most beautiful beaches of Istanbul

The most beautiful beaches of Istanbul

Beaches are one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul and during the article we review with you 5 of the most beautiful and most popular sandy beaches of Istanbul and a visit between local and foreign tourists, in addition to the locations of Istanbul beaches separately as well as the most important activities that you can do when you visit:

Floria Beach

Florya Istanbul Beach is one of the most free Istanbul beaches attracting local families, Arab tourists and foreigners arriving for tourism in Istanbul to visit and enjoy its charming charm.

The charming beach also provides a great opportunity for swimming, snorkeling and windsurfing, with full service facilities, entertainment areas and seafood restaurants .. Read more

Istanbul beach sites

Kelios Beach

It is one of the most important and most beautiful beaches in Istanbul because of its distinct location from other beaches of Istanbul for swimming, it is located on the Black Sea, which is surrounded by a picturesque nature where the pure turquoise waters, sand and hills nearby and covered with green, in addition to having a group of high-end restaurants and cafes With an entertaining atmosphere that attracts the attention of families, which made it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Istanbul among local visitors and expats from all over the world to enjoy its stunning beauty .. Read more

Solar Beach Istanbul

Solar Beach or the Solar Beach in Istanbul is one of the purest and largest beaches of Turkey Istanbul with an area of ​​up to 30 thousand km and an extension of 1 km from the Black Sea coast north of the famous Belgrade forests, the beach is characterized by its charming calmness, turquoise waters and golden striking sands, in addition to what it provides to its visitors Fun activities … read more

Beaches in Istanbul

Naki Bay Beach

Naki Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful and best beaches in Istanbul and the cleanest and popular among the local residents and foreign tourists during the tourist tours in Istanbul. The family beach is characterized by its pure blue water and golden sand dunes ideal for entertaining leisure activities, motorbikes, horseback riding and beach soccer. . read more

The beaches of Turkey Istanbul

Very beach in Istanbul Bostan

Very Bostan Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Istanbul for swimming and most visited and one of the tourist places in Istanbul that is very popular among the masses of expatriates to Turkey, the beach is located near Baghdad Street in the Kadikoy Istanbul area and is characterized by pure multi-depth water and soft clean sand, changing rooms, cafes Upscale, and other services .. Read more

The best beaches of Istanbul

The best women’s beach in Istanbul

If you are looking for the best beaches of Turkey Istanbul for women, the city has allocated 3 of the best sandy beaches in Istanbul, wonderful for women in order to give them a high degree of privacy, whether for veiled women or for any woman who wants to spend quiet times on the sea without being subjected to any inconveniences .. ..Read more

The beaches of Turkey Istanbul

Swimming pools in Istanbul

Beaches for swimming in Istanbul are not the only ones that attract tourists in the summer, but also swimming pools. In the city, there are a group of distinctive pools that tourists prefer and we will get to know them on this tab .. Read more

Beaches in Istanbul

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