The 5 most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan

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Kyrgyzstan is the paradise of God in his land, the country that God loved with an incomparable charm and amazing nature, so fresh rivers flow between mountains covered with plants interspersed with lush trees, and flocks of horses scattered across them, along with hot lakes, in a picture that tells the story of the legendary beauty of the virgin nature of calm and tranquility , Which made it the most beautiful tourist destination in Asia and ranked first as a tourist destination for the year 2015.
If you are a lover of nature, we invite you to travel to Kyrgyzstan to live a unique experience, so we answered the most important questions related to tourism in Kyrgyzstan, what is the capital of Kyrgyzstan? Is the city of Bishkek, what is the currency of Kyrgyzstan? Kyrgyz Somme. As for the language, the language is Russian and Kyrgyzstan. This wonderful country is located in the eastern part of Central Asia, and it consists of a high plateau that includes high-rise mountain ranges.

The best tourist seasons in Kyrgyzstan

Tourists in Kyrgyzstan enjoy a wonderful climate throughout the year and each season has its own charm, as the weather varies and activities vary and the aspects of enjoying your trip are all. All you have to do is choose the right time for your own tendencies.
In the spring that begins from March to June, trees adorn their flowers and fruits, and rivers flow between the green plains and the bright sun, allowing many activities between the picturesque nature and attending the festive spring festivals.
As for the summer in the period from June to September, Kyrgyzstan has a distinctive tourism between interesting water sports, sightseeing, and famous historical attractions.
Autumn extends from September to December, it is not much different from spring, so it has the same charm and beauty.
The winter comes the season of adventure and suspense, and starts in December and until the month of March, when the country is covered with snow white and increases its charm, to give fans of skiing and mountain climbing a great opportunity to enjoy their vacation.

How long can you stay in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan grants a free entry visa to citizens of more than 60 countries for a period ranging between 30 to 90 days. Among these countries, citizens of 21 countries can obtain a tourist visa in Kyrgyzstan directly from Bishkek Airport, including a number of Arab countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. As for the rest of the Arab countries, the visa must be obtained from the embassies of Kyrgyzstan, Russia or Kazakhstan.

Tourism in the city of Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek is one of the most beautiful cities of Kyrgyzstan and its glittering capital is the gateway to the Kyrgyz Ala To Mountains and the Ala Archa National Park with glaciers and wildlife paths. The city’s art scene includes the Archaeological Museum of Fine Arts, the Opera and Ballet Theater.
The wide Ala Tou Square, in the middle of which is the Manas Monument for the hero of the Kyrgyz saga, is distinguished. The Soviet History Museum, which dates back to the Soviet era, reveals a lot of state history. Dabovy Garden is famous for oak trees and sculptures. Unique Kyrgyzstan tourism worth visiting and exploring.
The proposed duration of sightseeing in Bishkek is 4 days.
The 5 most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan - The 5 most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan

Tourism in the city of Osh Kyrgyzstan

Osh is a city rich with tourist attractions in Kyrgyzstan, and the second largest and oldest also. When you look at it from above, the city appears clear with all its distinctive features, where you find a blue Ferris wheel overlooking Lake Issyk Kul with a stunning wall of towering snow-capped mountains, which reaches a height of 7 thousand Meters, with green hills and turquoise lakes, all these stunning scenery combined to give an amazing view dominating the horizon in all directions.
The Osh of Solomon includes the rocky core that can be seen from all over the city and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Lenin statue is the longest in the region at a height of 20 feet, and it also includes the Osh market along the sides of the river.
The proposed duration of sightseeing in Osh is two days
1581376818 677 The 5 most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan - The 5 most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan

Tourism in the city of Karakol Kyrgyzstan

The city of Karakol is one of the tourist destinations in Kyrgyzstan, and the fourth largest city, as it is a good starting point for many enjoyable activities, including hiking, skiing, and mountain climbing among the towering Tianshan chain. You can also enjoy horse riding in forest areas. .
The city of Karakol has a distinguished set of tourist attractions in Kyrgyzstan, including the Dongan Mosque which has been registered as a historical landmark, the Karakol History Museum, the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, as well as the Przevalski Museum, and other important sites in this wealthy city.
The proposed duration of sightseeing in Caracol is two days
1581376818 316 The 5 most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan - The 5 most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan

Tourism in the city of Narin, Kyrgyzstan

It is the mountainous center in Kyrgyzstan that offers travelers unparalleled opportunities to explore such scenic paths, deep valleys, waterfalls, as well as summer pastures that you go on foot or on horseback, or a wonderful trip to the Narin Nature Reserve and the southern shore of Lake Isk Kul, as the heart of this city stretches the longest river of Kyrgyzstan, the Narin River which is the ideal place for canoeing.
There is also the Salkin Tour National Park, which is a wonder of natural wonders. The Iki Narin Valley is one of the most beautiful landmarks in which the city can be camped, while the Blue Mosque enjoys a unique architecture, blazing multiple natural places, and unique tourist attractions, you can not miss visiting this beautiful.
The proposed duration of sightseeing in Narin is two days
1581376818 875 The 5 most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan - The 5 most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan

Tourism in the Kyrgyzstan posters

Postery is one of the most important tourism cities in Kyrgyzstan, there are many historical sites, cultural monuments, and natural tourism places that allow various activities for visitors to the city from adventure, recreational activities, and is famous for group tourism, as it overlooks the magnificent Lake Isk Cole and possesses the distinctive inscriptions museum, Ferris wheel, and other unique attractions.
The proposed duration of sightseeing in Postere is one day.
1581376818 299 The 5 most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan - The 5 most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan best hotels

Kyrgyzstan has a wonderful group of hotels that provide the most beautiful views of the picturesque nature, and also includes the finest rooms and suites equipped with the latest facilities with the provision of multiple services, and below we will display a list of the best hotels in Kyrgyzstan, according to the reviews and opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more
1581376818 593 The 5 most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan - The 5 most popular tourist cities in Kyrgyzstan


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