The city of Alexandria embraces many of its distinctive monuments, not only the magnificent Mediterranean coast, but also a number of important recreational and cultural places, but also among the most important in all of Egypt’s cities.
The museums in the city of Alexandria are among the most important cultural monuments that characterize the ancient city, especially because Alexandria is one of the cities that many cultures passed through which all blended and gave birth to this charming city.

Best hotels in Alexandria

Among the highlights of the city of Alexandria are the high-end hotels and resorts, some of which overlook the sea coast, providing a charming view to its guests. These hotels also offer accommodations from different rooms and suites to satisfy all tastes .. Read more

Alexandria Museums

The best museums in Alexandria

The Greco-Romen Museum

The Greek Romen Museum is one of the oldest and most ancient museums of Alexandria, its foundation dates back to 1892 AD, and the museum includes a huge number of monuments dating back to the Ptolemaic era, and the collection in the museum includes statues of its gods and Greek and Romen emperors along with a number of pottery and some pieces Ornaments and artifacts .. Read more

The Greco-Romen Museum is one of the best museums in Alexandria

Royal Jewelry Museum

The Royal Jewelry Museum is one of the most beautiful museums of Alexandria, as it is considered an architectural masterpiece of a unique style, as it was owned by Princess Fatima Zahra, one of the princesses of the royal family. The Royal Jewelry Museum includes a large number of jewelry and artifacts for the royal family as well as fountains and decorations .. Read more

The Royal Jewelry Museum is one of the most beautiful museums of Alexandria

Alexandria National Museum

The Alexandria National Museum is one of the most important museums of Alexandria, as it includes more than 1,800 artifacts that bring together all the ages that passed through the ancient city between Pharaonic, Ptolemaic, Byzantine and Islamic. There are also some pieces dating back to the era of Muhammad Ali Pasha. . read more

The Alexandria National Museum is one of the most distinguished museums of Alexandria

Aquarium Museum

The Aquarium Alexandria Museum is one of Alexandria’s various and specialized museums. The museum includes a large number of different marine creatures that were brought from the rich sea of ​​Alexandria. It also contains some fossils that have been found in the depths of the sea .. Read more

The Aquarium is one of Alexandria's fascinating museums

Sunken Archeology Museum

It is the unique museum that exists underwater in Alexandria, and the sinking of an ancient city dating back to the Greco-Romen period has left these traces deep in the sea of ​​Alexandria to be discovered during the nineties of the last century and become a destination for many visitors who love adventure and enjoyment. This museum includes a large number of statues, ships, and even gold jewelry and others … Read more

The Museum of Sunken Antiquities in Alexandria is one of Alexandria's unique museums

Alexandria Fine Art Museum

The Alexandria Museum of Fine Arts Sector is one of the most important museums in Alexandria, being the first museum specialized in fine arts in Egypt and the entire Middle East. The museum includes a large assortment of paintings of contemporary Egyptian artists such as Mahmoud Mukhtar and some foreign artists, as well as some of the distinguished printing, engraving and sculpting works, and the museum is distinguished that it hosts some important exhibitions and artistic events in the city.
Entry times
Everyday except Friday and Monday from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm.
Entry is free.

The Fine Arts Museum is one of Alexandria's finest museums

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