The city of Alexandria is not only famous for its wonderful sea and beach that attracts millions annually, but also includes many different recreational facilities that make it one of Egypt’s first tourist cities.
Among the most important recreational places on the land of the city of Alexandria are the cabarets, as it includes a number of cabarets that are a shrine for adults and children from the people of the city or its visitors.

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Best hotels in Alexandria

Alexandria includes a group of wonderful hotels and resorts, which are among the most beautiful hotels in Egypt, as most of them overlook the Mediterranean coast, and some of them are located directly on the wonderful Alexandria beach. These hotels and resorts provide a number of elegant rooms and suites with distinguished services that you can learn about and book through this tab .. Read more

Alexandria Theme Park

The best amusement parks in Alexandria

Alexandria includes many different clubs, which in turn include interesting and interesting games suitable for adults and children. We will mention in this article the most important and best Alexandria clubs with pictures and sufficient information that you may want to know about each of them.

Amoura amusement park in Alexandria

Al Moumora Park is one of the most famous entertainment attractions in Alexandria and among the best amusement parks in it, the amusement park includes a large number of interesting and fun games divided between adults and children, as it includes a number of different restaurants so that the visit to it is an integrated picnic .. Read more

Al Mamoura amusement park is one of the most famous amusement parks in Alexandria

Kraments Entertainment Center

Karamantas Amusement Park is one of the Alexandria amusement parks that specializes in video games, gym and playstation, along with other dynamic games such as billiards and ping-pong. The center was initially for children and their games, then expanded slightly to include an adult games hall as well.
Everyday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Admission is free, but there is a fee for each game.

Alexandria amusement park pictures

We visited Aqua City

Taverna Aqua City is the largest water park in Egypt and one of the most important water parks in Alexandria, as it is unique from other water parks.
Aqua City includes swimming pools of different sizes for adults and children, along with water games, the most famous of which are water slides of different shapes and lengths as well. Aqua City includes a number of food programs that you can book before going there, in addition to a number of restaurants, cafes and ice cream shops that provide you with a perfect and wonderful outing.
Everyday from 9:30 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening.
Entry prices
EGP 110, may increase if you choose one of the dining programs there.

Places of entertainment in Alexandria

Magic Plant Theme Park

Magic Planet Theme Park is the largest entertainment center in the city of Alexandria for families, as it contains a huge amount of electronic and action games that are suitable for all visitors of different age groups.
Magic Planet Theme Park is lively located inside the Alexandria City Center shopping mall, where you can shop alongside entertainment and spend a fun day.

The best cabarets in Alexandria

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