Abha is a first-class resort summer resort that belongs to the Asir Governorate in southwestern Saudi Arabia. It boasts stunning beaches and unparalleled mountainous nature with the largest number of parks, parks and theme parks in the Kingdom, which made it one of the most important tourism destinations in Saudi Arabia.
Abha parks enjoy a quiet family atmosphere that is exquisitely free of excitement and enjoyment, which has made tourism in Abha a great meal for old or young hikers.

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Best hotels in Abha

A tourist trip is not without searching for a place that is distinguished for its services to stay during, and since your destination is the city of Abha and its parks, you are lucky, you can see Abha’s best hotels through this article .. Read more

Abha parks in Saudi Arabia

The best parks of Abha

Below are a group of Abha’s best and most visited parks, ideal for recreation lovers, gamers and fun lovers as well.

Aseer National Park

One of Abha’s largest and most diverse biological and geological parks with an area of ​​one billion acres of wild plants and diverse trees, with a wonderful opportunity to see rare and endangered birds and animals roaming freely in their natural environment, most notably baboons.
This is in addition to the towering volcanic mountains whose tops are covered with thick fog and dense green rainforests, which makes Aseer National Park a great opportunity for safari lovers and relaxation in the arms of nature, and an ideal location for picnics for families with their young children, especially during periods of festivals and recreational activities in the park. From time to time.
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Daily, 24 hours

Abha parks

Abu Khayal Park

Abu Kheyal Park is one of Abha’s most entertaining parks that urge its visitor to relax and unwind and create peace and quiet in itself thanks to its vast and vast green spaces and its diverse plants and animals, with a children’s playground and a restaurant that serves delicious meals at reasonable prices.
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Daily, 24 hours.

The best parks of Abha

Peace Park and Amusement Park

It is the largest parks in Abha and the Kingdom as a whole ideal for family and children picnics where quiet family sessions amid the picturesque green nature of the park, with an electric play area for children including what is also suitable for adults, a shopping area, restaurants and cafes many, and other services at reasonable prices.
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Daily from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The best parks of Abha

Abha Palace Theme Park

It is a city of summer games located in the Abha Mountains region where dozens of games are suitable for different ages, starting from young children to the oldest adults and reaching affordable prices. The park also includes a number of Abha restaurants and food stalls, and is considered one of the most beautiful recreational parks in Abha.
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Daily throughout the day.

Opening hours for Abha parks

Entertainment City

It is an integrated tourism city ideal for family picnics, where 70 thousand square meters of greenery, water games, restaurants, cafes, comfortable chairs and relaxing umbrellas overlooking the Abha Dam and its charming lake, with other service facilities, and is considered one of the best recreational parks in Abha.
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Daily from 3:00 p.m. to 11:55 p.m.

Abha parks site

Delmon Land Entertainment City

It is one of the best multi-activity family gardens in Abha, which includes a huge games city suitable for children of different age groups, even young adults and adults, at different prices.
Albanoon Land also includes a video game area and children’s amusement theater, with a seating and relaxation area surrounded by ample greenery for adults who may not want to experience the games.
In addition to stalls selling food, drinks, ice cream and pastries, with shops for lovers of shopping in Abha.
work hours
Daily from 3:30 pm until 3:00 after midnight.

Abha Gardens

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