Milan or Milan is the second largest city in Italy after the capital, Rome, the city includes the most important tourist places in Italy and many interesting historical buildings. If you go to tourism in Milan, you will see beautiful aspects that make your visit an enjoyable and exciting experience.

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Milan hotels

The hotels in Milan are among the best in Italy. We have collected the best hotels in Milan near the places of tourism and shopping in Milan based on the reviews and opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more

Milan hotels Italy

Best shopping areas in Milan

In this article, we will shed light on the famous shopping places in Milan Italy that attract tourists and shopping lovers from all over the world.

La Corte Lombarda Shopping Center

One of the best shopping centers in Milan includes 140 diverse stores that include clothes, accessories, electronic devices and leather goods, as it includes many entertainment options, fast food restaurants and cafes.
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La Corte Lombarda is one of the most famous shopping centers in Milan

The Carusello complex

Among the best markets in Milan, the Carrosello complex includes many diverse shops, which include clothes, accessories and electronic devices in addition to many restaurants and cafes. The complex contains the Carrefour hypermarket and the Apple Store
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The Carusello complex is one of the best places to shop in Milan, Italy

Sarka Shopping Center

Sarka is one of the distinctive shopping centers in Milan. It includes 80 diverse commercial stores that provide all products, including clothing, accessories, foodstuffs, etc. In addition to several distinct restaurants and cafes, and many recreational facilities.
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The Sarka shopping center is one of the largest shopping complexes in Milan Italy

Metropole Shopping Center

This center is located approximately 8 km from Milan city center. It was opened in 1999 and it contains more than 90 diverse shops in addition to the many restaurants and recreational facilities.
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Metropole shopping center, one of the most important malls in Milan, Italy

Bonola Mall

One of the cheapest shopping places in Milan opened in 1988 and includes many shops specialized in the sale of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. It also includes restaurants, cafes and entertainment facilities for children in addition to a car park
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Bonola Mall shopping center is one of the best shopping places in Milan

Via Montenapoleone Street

One of the most prestigious markets in Italy, Milan, which is a street that includes many shops that provide luxury brands. There are also several restaurants and cafes on this street. The street is considered one of the finest shopping streets in the world

Via Montenapoleone, one of the most famous markets in Italy, Milan

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