Istanbul New Mosque is one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey dating back to the era of the Ottoman Caliphate, specifically to the beginning of the 17th century.

The mosque was built by order of Safia, the wife of Sultan Murad III and the mother of Sultan Mehmed III in the Aminonu neighborhood which is now classified as one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul, where it is located in the Aminonu area, which overlooks the sea and faces the famous historical Galata tower

The new mosque is distinguished as one of the most famous tourist landmarks in Istanbul for its huge and impressive architectural design that takes the form of a square body with multiple domes, all of which form an impressive pyramid structure.

To find out the most important activities provided by the most famous mosques in Istanbul for tourists to visit, as well as the best hotels in Istanbul near you, you can follow our report.

The most important activities that can be taken when visiting the new mosque in Istanbul

• You can start your visit by enjoying the dazzling architectural design of the Ottoman-style mosque, which appears in its two huge minarets and its small and huge domes, numbering approximately 44.

New mosque Istanbul

• Then you can go to visit the mosque from the inside and enjoy the Ottoman golden inscriptions adorning its ceilings and the decorative Qur’anic verses decorating its walls.

New mosque Istanbul

• When visiting the new mosque in Istanbul, you can also enjoy watching its turquoise tiles, stained glass windows and its marble mihrab.

New mosque in Istanbul

• The new mosque in Istanbul is an impressive Ottoman artistic façade, so make sure you never miss a wonderful memorial photo of its most stunning architectural details, inside and out as well.

New mosque in Istanbul

• After completing the mosque visit, you can also pass through the port area and enjoy a cruise through the Bosphorus waters to the historical Galata Tower on the opposite side of the mosque.

New mosque Istanbul

• You can also pass through a number of Istanbul tourist attractions and popular and nearby popular markets in the city such as Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Basilica Tank, Istanbul Egyptian Market, and Grand Bazaar Istanbul, all of which are not more than 10 minutes from the mosque.

• During these extended tours, you can enjoy grills, starters, salads, main dishes and delicious Turkish sweets or a cup of Turkish tea and coffee distinguished by one of Istanbul restaurants and cafes surrounding the new mosque and not more than 15 minutes away from it like a great restaurant, or Bohara Okakpasi.

The best Istanbul hotels near Sultan’s Mosque

The Legacy Ottoman Istanbul Hotel is one of the best Sirkeci Istanbul hotels, the hotel is 14 km to the mosque.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was well-received by its visitors and rated well due to its excellent location, internet services, staff, and facilities.

Some commented about the level of hygiene in some rooms.

Hotel reservation

Eurostar Istanbul Hotel is one of the best hotels in Istanbul. The hotel is 14.5 km from the mosque.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received a satisfactory rating from all its Arab visitors, especially in terms of cleanliness, location, staff and value for money.

But some mentioned a problem with the small size of the rooms.

New mosque site

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