One of the most important historical monuments recommended during tourism tours in Istanbul is the Küçükçe Palace (Turkish: Küçüksu Kasrı), due to its unique facade and elegant interiors with elaborate motifs and patterns that combine the European and Ottoman Islamic cultures.
The construction of the Kujusko Palace dates back to the 17th century, where it was used for two centuries as a summer residence to recreate the sultans of the Ottoman Empire, who are hunting and riding, and was a two-storey wooden palace, and in the mid-19th century Sultan Abdul Majid made a decision to demolish it and build another palace of 3 stone floors on European style.
The modern Kujuxu Palace has been used for years as a headquarters to host official ceremonies and diplomatic missions to the Turkish Republic before turning it into a public museum for the public by 1996, becoming one of Istanbul’s most important palaces and one of the well-known tourist attractions in Turkey.
Kozhuksu Palace is located in Beykoz neighborhood on the Bosphorus coast in Istanbul, Asia, close to some of its important tourist attractions. During this report, we review the most important activities provided by Kojoksu Palace and its surroundings to visitors, with the mention of the best hotels near it.

The most important activities that can be taken when visiting Kujoxu Istanbul

• From the beginning you can enjoy seeing the facade of the palace and its fence and its white iron gate, where the palace exudes exquisite stone carvings while the gate and the edges of the fence adorn the finely carved iron motifs highlighting the beauty of Rococo art.

Kojuxu Palace

• Before moving to the palace from the inside, you can also take a great photo of you while Kujuxu Palace appears in the background.

Kojuxu Palace

• By entering the Kojuxu Palace, you can enjoy its magnificent Baroque style highlighted by the design of the walls, ceilings and columns with the clear Ottoman spirit in the design of furniture, furnishings and decorations.

Kojuxu Palace

• During your tour with the local guide and the audio documentary contents translated about the history of the place, you can move between the palace wings and its multiple galleries and enjoy your view of the pictures and precious statues, doors and windows with stained glass, crystal chandeliers and luxurious Turkish and Iranian carpets, in addition to the elegant and rare collections such as italyn marble fireplaces and lines.

Kojuxu Palace

• Then you can go out to the magnificent palace garden, which includes picturesque and trimmed trees and plants to encourage recreation, in addition to an elegant fountain and a water path dating back to the era of Sultan Selim III.

Kucuksu Palace Istanbul

• You can have a cup of authentic Turkish coffee in front of this spectacular view through the café attached to the palace, or while you enjoy the magical view of those provided by Kozhuksu Palace on the Bosphorus

Kujoxu Palace in Istanbul

• Finally, you can organize a visit to nearby attractions such as Pilar Bey Palace, Anatolia Castle, and end your tour with a visit to Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge (2nd Bosphorus Bridge) where you can enjoy the wonderful view while eating lunch at one of the nearby Istanbul restaurants.

Kojuxu Palace

Hotels near Cojuksu Palace

Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel is one of the best 4-star Istanbul hotels, about 5 km from the palace.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel has won the admiration of Arab visitors and was rated great in both cleanliness of the place, location, comfort, and staff.
Hotel reservation
My Dora Istanbul Hotel is one of the best Kadikoy hotels, 12.3 km from Kujoxu.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Dora Hotel in Istanbul has a great rating on location, cleanliness, comfort, staff, facilities, breakfast, value for money and Wi-Fi.
With negative comments regarding the limited size of rooms and the diversity of breakfast.

Kojoksu Palace site

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