Al-Sawadi Beach is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Barka, as it is characterized by rocky and stony islands, the seashore with its clear water, scenic landscapes and golden sands, adding beauty and radiance to it, making it a favorite tourist and summer destination for Omani families alongside the city’s tourists, for fun and relaxation.

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Things to do when visiting Bawadi Bawadi Beach

• If you are a fan of photography, you can take the most beautiful memorial photos on the beach and its wonderful pink islands and make them a wonderful memory that reminds you of this magical place.

Al-Sawadi Beach Barka

• If you are a fan of meditation, you can sit on one of the stone rocks and watch the wonderful sunset view mixed with the charming nature and clear blue sea water.

Al-Sawadi Beach in Barka

• You can stay for a few days in one of the Al-Sawadi Barka Beach resorts and enjoy the best nights and recreation on the Al-Sawadi Barka Beach

Al Sawadi Beach Resorts Barka

• You can accompany the family, have a nice and enjoyable time, and enjoy swimming in the waters of Al-Sawadi Beach, Barka, in an atmosphere full of vigor and vitality. Children can also enjoy playing on the soft golden sands of the beach. There is also a place dedicated to children’s games.

• You can also rent a boat and stroll the waters of the Al-Sawadi Beach in Barka and see the beautiful Al-Sawadi Islands amid the stunning scenery.

Al-Sawadi Beach Barka

• Al-Sawadi Beach is one of the best places to walk and practice many activities. You can walk long distances on the sands of the beach and enjoy watching the wonderful migratory birds hovering around you.

Al-Sawadi Beach in Barka

• If you are a fan of adventure, you can play equestrianism, enjoy horseback riding and stroll the sands of Al-Sawadi Beach in an atmosphere full of calm and relaxation.

Al-Sawadi Beach in Barka

Visit times

You can visit the beach daily 24 hours.

Hotels near Al Sawadi Beach Barka

Pearl Farm Chalet is one of the best hotels in Al-Barka, 25.1 km away from the beach.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

There are no hotel reviews as it is still recent.

Al Nahda Resort and Spa is one of the best hotels in Amman, Al Barka, 30.8 km from the beach.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was rated satisfactory in terms of excellent staff, value for money and free Wi-Fi.
While some commented on the hotel’s need and its furniture for renovation.

Sawadi beach site in Barka

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