Princesses Island Turkey is one of the best tourist places in Istanbul as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey in general, characterized by a charming natural environment away from the city noise and congestion, as it is characterized by a charming view of the waters of the Marmara Sea, which made it one of the most important and best places in Istanbul for families

The Princess Island of Istanbul is 9 main islands of which only 4 are open for visiting, and these islands receive throughout the year a large number of tourists who either stay for a period, or visit in one day only, and in both cases the island provides a large number of enjoyable activities that suit The two types.

In the coming lines, we will get to know the most important activities that the island allows you to do.

Princesses Island of Turkey

Princesses Island hotels

Princesses Island Turkey includes a number of the most beautiful hotels in Istanbul, where it is distinguished by its charming view, along with comfortable services and excellent facilities. The following are the best candidates for these hotels .. Read more

Princesses Island hotels

The best activities you can do on princesses island in Turkey with pictures

• The islands are distinguished by the presence of a number of distinctive sites in addition to the public beaches that we recommend you to visit, and enjoying the water sports provided by them. Some of these beaches also provide a club for water sports.

Island of princesses in Turkey

You can also visit the house of the famous Turkish writer Seat Vik, which has been converted into a museum and contains many of her personal belongings, and original copies of her most famous writings.

Island of princesses in Turkey with pictures

• If you are a fan of historical places, you can visit the Church of Hagia Urgy, which dates back to the sixteenth century and is characterized by its unique architectural design.

Princesses Island in Turkey

• Al-Hamidiya Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in the Princess Islands, which was built by Sultan Abdul Hamid II, you can visit him with your family and enjoy the charming view of the green areas and the waters of the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Turkey princesses island

• The Monastery of Herstos is one of the distinctive historical sites that we recommend you to visit within the island of Kinali also on the islands of princesses, a monastery built by the Byzantine Emperor Romen IV during his exile.

Where is the princesses island located?

• The island is characterized by the presence of a large number of shops, restaurants, and cafes that can guarantee you a delicious lunch or dinner, which may consist of local food, oriental and Mediterranean dishes, or East Asian food.

Princess Island of Istanbul

• Make sure to take an appropriate number of memorial photos next to the island’s sprawling fields and green areas. You can also enjoy wandering the island with the help of horse-drawn carriages spread across the island, which is the only means of transportation.

Princesses island in Istanbul

Princesses Island hotels in Turkey

Selaniki Pension Hebeliada Hotel is one of the best hotels in Turkey Istanbul, away from princesses center, 1.6 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was rated very good both in staff, cleanliness, location and value for money.

Some guests complained about the level of room service.

Hotel reservation

Tiara Bayukada Hotel is one of the best Istanbul hotels located in Turkey, Princesses Island

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated well for both staff, facilities, cleanliness and value for money.

Some guests complained about the cleanliness of hotel rooms and the slow room service to accommodate requests.

Hotel reservation

Where is the princesses island located?

The following link shows the location of Princesses Island Turkey on Google Map.

Learn how to go to the princesses island from some of the important landmarks of Istanbul through the following link .. Read more

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