In detail, experiences of renting apartments in Amsterdam attracts you, of course, to the Dutch state, which represents this capital and most cities with diversity, tourism and mass popular prosperity, and therefore the need to enjoy spending time not worried because of the residence will need to search for renting apartments in Amsterdam suitable for the planning table with an inexpensive period and cost.
In the city of marvelous attractions and entertainment, there are residency areas that suit you and others according to your income and plan, and the requirements of the number of individuals accompanying you, or even if you are single we will get to know all of this on Arab travelers.

Residential sites where Rent apartments in Amsterdam With standard and hotel specifications:

Krasnapolxi website:

  • It is one of the hotel areas that constitute a permanent shelter for housing or for long working periods in Amsterdam, in which you can reap the advantage of staying in an apartment that has a luxurious character and the heart of the city, relaxed without worry and does not hurt from incomplete services where the facilities that need and are located easily.
  • The apartments of this hotel complex are characterized by the fact that you can rent apartments in Amsterdam with ample space, and with a ready-to-cook place to deal with its extensive facilities, even dishwashers for dishes. TV or the net where there is a dvd player.
  • The hotel’s courtyard and its annexes have a conservative fitness center, and you can take advantage of the gourmet service in the winter garden or the oriental and international restaurants at the kitchen of the Revert and El Shaibi Podium restaurants.
  • You are reassured that the site facilitates your traveling excursions for entertainment and tourism in Amsterdam, as the city is mediated by it, and the high evaluation of its visitors and guests of its stay, but some commented on the old furniture in these apartments, but they are always clean and services are available.

Joel Canal Apartments for rent in the Netherlands capital:

  • This area is a place in the center of Amsterdam, a three-minute ride from the royal palace there and the square Dam, but the apartments are for individuals, i.e. one or two people as a maximum for the apartment, with the provision of free Wi-Fi, a view of the canal, as well as good kitchen facilities.
  • The residential unit is similar to others in that they are shared with wood floor materials, and there is a second role on unobstructed wood beams, flat-panel televisions, screens, and the necessary tools such as dishes, oven, stove, spoons and washing machine, and their mobility is by stairs, and with a dual structural distribution.
  • You are free to go to the restaurant from the Hotel Guell Canal to rent apartments in Amsterdam or in the kitchen of your unit, and it is nice that you will not be more than half a kilometer to reach the Amsterdam Museum, or the Rembrandt and the central station of Amsterdam in the Netherlands when you walk on your feet only for a quarter of an hour.
  • The evaluation was the observation of stairs or stairs with limited space, and difficult to use them, but as a whole is good except for the observed.

Twenty Eight Hotel:

  • A hotel and apartment place, which has a garage that can be used for parking for those who own cars, and its services have obtained excellent ratings, and the description of the rooms is a bathroom with a rain shower, a toilet and a distinctive design, sitting with temperature control, TV and Wi-Fi and an integrated kitchen for the convenience of the guest customers.
  • There are employees to help organize, plan and guide you on your touring excursion, and you can help you rent a bike or car or even to get an idea of ​​the area and areas for joint work there, and the metro is just 300 meters away from the hotel, and it faces a transport tram suitable for use by guests in visiting existing museums as well To go to the center of Amsterdam.
  • Those who want to visit Amsterdam can rent apartments in Amsterdam according to what they want on the Internet from an excellent site, but it will not tell you any price unless you intend to travel to the Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam, and remember the dates of your departure and the date of your departure, and the site includes comments from visitors, most of whom are Gulf residents about housing There it was positive.

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