In detail, great applications that enable you to rent and rent apartments via mobile, some prefer to renew their homes, by moving from one house to another either by buying a house or rent, and there are some who prefer while traveling abroad to rent home apartments because they are more private and economical, except that it is There is not enough time in order to search for an apartment and find the most appropriate apartment, but in light of the technology and availability of smart phones it has become very easy, as all that is required is to download applications that help accomplish this and the smartphone will manage the tasks without trouble.

Things to consider when renting apartments online:

  • Mostly the insurance is a cash amount and not a credit card, and the insurance is returned after the apartment is handed over to the owner, in case of any damages to the apartment, the insurance value will be deducted.
  • The contract must be read well and inquire about any clauses with unclear clauses in order to guarantee the right of the landlord and the tenant.
  • The apartments that are managed by brokerage companies have emergency numbers around the clock.
  • Some slits require a minimum lease period, for example, a week or less, depending on the season.
  • In the event that the apartment key is lost, fees are sometimes charged.
  • Many private apartments are in the middle of the neighborhoods and their location is unclear, so if you take children, it is advisable to follow them directly, and keep them while leaving the house because this may cause them to be lost due to the lack of clarity of the place.

Best applications for renting apartments:

Zayyat Real Estate Application:

The official application of the Zayyat website is considered one of the fastest and easiest free applications for renting apartments or buying and selling on smart phones, and this is the largest data base for the sale and rental of real estate in the Arab world. One of the advantages of this application is the ability to add advertisements for sale or lease or add The application is easy, and the application can be downloaded through the link

Double application:

This application has its primary focus on the Emirati market, it is through this application that you can do geolocation to obtain real estate offered for rent or sale, to show the distance, as it will determine the possibility of leasing on the map, and to download the site click on this link 1lw27UG

Your real estate application:

It is a free application that is issued by the Al-Jazeera Foundation for Printing, Press and Publishing, and this application is compatible with all tablets and smart devices, and it provides all information and services that benefit investors and researchers in the Saudi real estate market, in order to obtain the best opportunities that meet their aspirations and financial capabilities, And that is by displaying thousands of real estate units besides displaying all data and information that helps the visitor to make up his mind, and to get the application click on this link

Tammy application:

Through this application, it is possible to search for the required logos with ease in all Arab countries. All that is required is to specify the country and the city, and through the Tammy drug application the advertisement can be added for free, and it can be downloaded easily through this link

Application :

This application is easy to use while searching for real estate intended for leasing or for sale, as the search depends on maps, which is useful for quickly locating places and seeing all the details such as the area of ​​the property and its price and learn about other specifications. To use this property, download it via this link http: / /

Application Real Estate by Zillow :

Through this application it became easy to buy or rent any home, in addition to the ease of viewing prices between more than 100 million real estate and homes within the United States of America, it is possible to conduct a search through maps and see the logos offered for sale, and know all the details, and it is easy Download the app through

Application Realtor :

The idea of ​​this application is mainly based on research across the distance, as it allows the ability to specify all the specifications required by the property to be rented, bought, or sold, such as space, number of rooms, and other specifications, this application is only available within the United States of America, to download it click here


This site is concerned with renting apartments all over the world, where renting is done by the owner or from the real estate broker and sometimes from the hotel companies that specialize in managing the apartments. The site displays apartments, farms, villas and sometimes yachts for housing.

Flat application:

This application helps in easy access to any apartments offered for sale or rent in all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and some other areas, and is characterized by ease of access and use, this application can be downloaded with ease through Hogel to Bay or via the Appp Store.

Lebanon Real Estate Application:

The idea of ​​this application depends on publishing real estate ads that relate to offers of rent, sale and purchase in all parts of Lebanon, with a display of prices and specifications, and the search is done according to real estate categories such as buildings, lands, apartments, villas and others, and this application can be downloaded from here 1sabWM5

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