The best chalets in Riyadh, Riyadh has many of the best chalets that groups of friends, as well as families and families, find a nice idea to spend time in the summer, or to change at the weekend. Therefore, to get to know more about what distinguishes Riyadh chalets through the following article on Arab travelers.

The best chalets in Riyadh

Dora Chalets

  • Durra’s chalets are located in Riyadh’s Al-Rimal neighborhood, and the units have many amenities like air net, pool, parking and barbecue facilities.
  • The décor of the chalet rooms is simple and warm, and the chalet that the resident needs is like a flat screen TV and fridge, and the chalet area expands to accommodate seven people.

Nice Day Chalets

  • Nice Day chalet group is located behind the Nashwan Mosque, Riyadh. It is a rural area that keeps tenants away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Chalets vary for small and other large families. The contents of the chalet include: a car entrance, a tent with a fireplace, some children’s games, and a large pool.

Arezzo Chalets

  • Chalets are located in the Dirab district of Riyadh. They enjoy pool views, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, and a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator, a barbecue area, and a private pool.
  • Bedrooms in the Arizo chalets accommodate 7 or 8 beds, as well as non-smoking rooms.

Family cottages chalets

  • The chalets are located on Wadi Hanifa Street in Riyadh, and they are characterized by the shape of the cottage, equipped with air conditioning, private pool, garden, rooms, bathroom, and multiple views of the pool view.
  • The cottages also have free parking and a 24-hour front desk.

Destination Chalets

  • It is located on King Fahd Road, and is characterized by all the needs that residents may need in terms of furniture, furniture, wardrobe and hot tub.
  • The chalets also have a 24-hour front desk, and a number of rooms and beds suitable for families.

Agadir Chalets

  • It is located in Riyadh, and the resort’s apartments or chalets do not only feature the necessary furniture, but also have some luxuries such as a sauna room, an integrated ballroom, plus free Wi-Fi.

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