Find out with us through this article on the most beautiful parks in Dubai. Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the Arab world, and indeed the whole world. It attracts many attractions that attract the attention of many tourists today from different countries around the world, and what is famous for it and tourists are keen to visit it when you go to it are the gardens that are characterized by its charming designs. Below on the Arab Travelers website, we offer you detailed information about the most famous parks in Dubai.

The most beautiful parks in Dubai

Crocodile garden

  • The crocodile garden was established in Dubai as well as crocodile gardens located in France.
  • It covers an area of ​​more than twenty thousand square meters.
  • It is a nature reserve that provides a safe and quiet life for crocodiles, especially for endangered species.
  • It includes several types of crocodiles, the most prominent of which is the Nile crocodile, which is the largest animal inhabiting fresh water.
  • You can enjoy watching different types of crocodiles from over the hanging bridges.
  • The garden also features vast greenery that enables you to spend your day in the arms of the picturesque natural landscape.
  • In addition, there are paths designed for pedestrians that allow you to walk.
  • Its doors are open to receive visitors all days of the week except for Sunday from eight in the morning until eight in the evening.

Safari park

  • One of the most famous zoos in Dubai that attract large numbers of tourists.
  • It includes more than 2500 animal species worldwide.
  • The United Arab Emirates is seeking to make a safari park one of the ten best parks in the world.
  • The park includes different forms of animals that belong to different environments and is divided into the Arab village, the African village, the Asian village, and the safari village, which each includes animals that distinguish these environments.
  • In addition to having an area called a children’s farm, your children can have fun and get to know many pets up close.

Zabeel Park

  • One of the most famous public parks in Dubai, which attracts a large number of visitors.
  • The park is divided into three parts, each connected by two suspended bridges, and an internal train that travels between them.
  • The park includes a lake that provides you with a wonderful view of a distinct picnic.
  • In the garden there are places for barbecues.
  • There are also many seats reserved for hikers.
  • You can also enjoy watching an open-air movie in the open cinema in the garden.
  • The garden is open to receive visitors throughout the week from eight in the morning until ten in the evening.

Al Safa Park

  • One of the most beautiful parks of Dubai located in the city center.
  • The park is characterized by its vast green areas, which provide an ideal atmosphere for hiking and recreation.
  • It also has a designated area for women that provides them with a breathing space, and enables them to closely monitor their children.
  • It has many sports fields to practice various sports such as basketball, football, volleyball and others available for free for all.
  • In addition to a lake in the garden, you can rent a boat to take a tour to spend quality time.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

  • One of the most distinguished and attractive parks in Dubai for visitors.
  • You can enjoy taking a walk among its pedestrian paths in the arms of picturesque landscapes.
  • It also has barbeque places that you can use to spend a wonderful time with family and friends.
  • As well as the possibility to swim in the beach waters of the garden, or take a bike tour.
  • The park includes a number of free playgrounds such as volleyball court and football field.
  • The park welcomes visitors on weekdays from eight in the morning until eleven in the evening.

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