The water bridge in the Netherlands is the Velomer Bridge

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Water bridge information In the Netherlands, the bridge is the origin that is used specifically for crossing from one side to another between them, this obstacle may be rough terrain or a water obstacle and the bridge is built from certain materials, and when the word bridge is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is the image of the bridge located above the water Or the bridge above the ground in order to move people from one side to another, but the water bridge in the Netherlands is very different from this traditional image of any bridge, and the Netherlands is famous for the presence of the strangest bridges there, such as the Moses Bridge and the Philomer Bridge, and today we will talk to Arab travelers about the Philomer Bridge Which is known as the water bridge, and no J has become of the most popular attractions in the Netherlands.

Water bridge in the Netherlands (Philomer Bridge):

  • This bridge is located specifically in the Philaeomer lake, from which its name was derived, as it extends in the form of a tunnel under the water, and this bridge is located under a small part of the lake, this tunnel connects the Netherlands and Flevoland Island, which is one of the largest artificial islands in the world, and this bridge was created So that the water passes through it instead of the cars, while the cars go down the water bridge to give it a wonderful unique look.
  • The area of ​​this lake is more than 30 square kilometers, while its average depth reaches 1.55 meters, and this lake enjoys its great and wide popularity among tourists who come specially for it to enjoy and relax on its beaches and watch its waters during the summer days, and passage on the water bridge.

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