The best country guide for family and cheap tourism, on public holidays and holidays, a person needs to entertain himself and his family after a long period of work or study, so he begins to search for the best countries in which he can spend a happy vacation with his family, and because of the high prices and travel costs in all countries And, because of the belief of Arab travelers in the benefits of travel and its importance in recreation, it gives you today through this article the best country for family tourism, which is characterized by low costs, so follow us.

Best country for family tourism and cheap:

Because of the pressures of life and work, many families are searching for a country in which they can spend quality time in order to entertain themselves, enjoy watching their tourist attractions and learn about their history and civilizations, so that they can return with a high degree of activity and desire to continue business, and from more Countries that are suitable for family tourism and at the same time the cost of travel to it is cheap:

Tourism in India:

  • It is considered one of the most beautiful and cheapest countries that you can visit as it contains a mixture of different cultures and civilizations, in addition to the picturesque landscapes that India contains.
  • India includes many tourist places suitable for family visits, the most famous of which is the Taj Mahal Mosque, which is considered a destination for everyone visiting India.
  • You will also enjoy in India watching the red castle that connects between Islamic and Mughal civilization, and India is not limited to that, but it has many restaurants that you can eat the most famous Indian and Asian cuisine, and if you want to buy some antiques or souvenirs, there are many markets that You will be able to purchase antiques and gifts.
  • And who among us does not like Indian films, in Mumbai you can watch many Indian films due to the availability of cinemas in them.
  • In India, you can wear the Indian sari and take commemorative photos with it. You will also be able to enjoy watching festivals and listening to music in China.
  • On the cost, spending a day in India may cost up to approximately thirty dollars, and the price of meals you eat during the whole day will amount to only seven dollars.

Tourism in Thailand:

  • Thailand is one of the beautiful charming countries with a picturesque nature, due to the presence of many islands in it. In Thailand, you can enjoy the tranquility and beauty and get the comfort you need, as you can wander through its markets and acquire many purchases.
  • Residents of the city of Thailand are among the most comfortable that visitors are comfortable in dealing with, as they carry friendliness and love to others and greatly welcome visitors.

Tourism in Spain:

  • It is considered one of the most suitable countries for family tourism and the cost of travel to it is not great.
  • And since Spain had the civilization of Andalusia in the past, you will enjoy watching more different civilizations and cultures in it.
  • Barcelona includes castles, palaces and very old buildings, which are an important destination for learning about the history and civilization of Spain.
  • On Rambla Street, you can have the best meals in Spain.
  • And in case you want to go back to the Andalusian era, you should visit Seville and its famous Islamic landmarks such as the Al-Mawraq Palace, the Seville Cathedral, and the Alhambra Palace. Those monuments immortalized the name of Andalusia over time.
  • As for the cost, the average spend of one day in Spain may be about one hundred and twenty dollars, while the daily meals, the price throughout the day will not exceed thirty dollars.

Tourism in Italy:

  • In Italy you will find everything you are looking for for your family in one place, it combines the magic of nature with the magic of history and places of entertainment, you can spend the day on the picturesque beaches of Italy, and then wander around the city and enjoy buying souvenirs and italyn products from various markets, you can also enjoy eating pizza Excellent italyn pasta.
  • Italy is not free of important castles and buildings that speak of civilization and ancient history.

Tourism in the Pacific islands:

  • The Pacific Islands are considered one of the most wonderful places for many people, especially newlyweds or for marriage, as it has a charming nature and intense calm that gives the soul the comfort and pleasure that it needs.
  • One of the best places to visit in the Pacific Ocean is Ecuador, as it includes a group of charming islands called the Galapegos Islands, which in addition to its charm and the beauty of its nature includes different types of birds and animals that make the scene look like a piece of paradise.
  • And if you get bored with nature, you can head to Konica, which is a mix between past and present, with old American churches and ancient civilizations, as well as new cafes and restaurants.
  • In the Otavalo market you will be able to buy souvenirs and enjoy the products made by the indigenous people of the islands.
  • The cost of a one-day stay in Ecuador is thirty-four dollars, and the average price of one-day meals is only 12 dollars.

tourism in Turkey:

  • After invading the Turkish romantic series, and many families watching them and seeing the Turkish monuments and civilizations, many families began preferring to go to Turkey, and this is successful as it includes many important tourist attractions that your family will enjoy enjoying when watching them, as it is one of the cheap countries that do not It costs you a lot of money when vacationing with the family.
  • In 2020, Turkey was ranked as one of the best places for family tourism.

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