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The best tourist country for families and children

A guide for the best tourist country for families suitable for the family and children, usually the family wants to gather and spend the holiday together, whether this holiday is inside or outside it, and in this case they search for more countries that suit all ages of family members and add joy to their hearts all, and ensure a happy vacation For this reason, we have compiled for you in the Arab travelers a list of the best tourist countries for families.

Best tourist country for families:

  • There are many, many tourist destinations that families visit in order to have a good time. One of the best of these destinations is:
  • Costa Rica:

    Where this country abounds in many scenic and picturesque mountains, green forests and beautiful coasts of the Caribbean and the Pacific, where there are many resorts and hotels that suit tourists and if you have children you will be dazzled by the amazing views in these countries.

  • Japan:

    Japan is a great destination for family tourism, as it suits all members of your family. There are many museums for children and lots of public activities, in addition to that the city of Kyoto includes more than 17 sites located in the UNESCO World Heritage ranking, which guarantees a unique cultural tourism.

  • New Zealand:

    Among the most important and most beautiful country for families, where everyone is guaranteed unparalleled pleasure, for museum lovers there is the National Museum in the capital, and for fans of adventure and young people there is an adventure park where competition and challenge can be in many competitions.
    In addition to coordinating visits to the filming sites of the film series The Lord of the Rings.
    In addition to watching animal shows such as whales and dolphins.

  • Australia:

    Australia abounds in many beaches and gardens that made it live up to the most important and best tourist country for families, where exploring the wildlife in the most important huge zoos, spending sunny days in its wonderful beaches and discovering museums and opera theater.

  • Denmark:

    If you have children, Denmark is a very suitable place for you and your children, as it has a central amusement park where children enjoy, free music shows and fireworks that illuminate and decorate Denmark’s night sky.
    In addition to the existing sports and can be practiced such as horsemanship and horse riding.

  • Singapore:

    There are many sites suitable for families, where restaurants and tourist places are enjoyable, such as: Chinatown, which is considered an example or a model for the neighborhoods of China, where it included many shops, small stores, Chinese food and lanterns in the Chinese style as well.
    Singapore also includes other neighborhoods, such as the Indian Quarter, which is known for its delightful shape, vivid color, and dynamic movement. Indians have lived in it for more than 200 years, and traditional Indian fashion can be bought from.
    The Arabs also had a share in the presence of a neighborhood for them in Singapore called the Arab Quarter, in which there is the historic Sultan Mosque, characterized by many domes in golden color and a distinctive structure.

  • Hawaiian Islands:

    For sports practitioners and lovers of activities, the Hawaiian Islands are the most suitable places for this as they are characterized by many activities such as: rowing, surfing, swimming with dolphin fish.
    In addition to enjoying the natural scenery and cozy blue sea coasts of the eyes.

  • South Africa:

    A trip to South Africa that satisfies all tastes and interests, whether they are children or adults, as they stroll between forests and trees and see huge animals such as: the African elephant and the African buffalo and others, or go on a trip to Table Mountain in Cape Town.

  • Thailand:

    Thailand is known as the country of smiles, it is a beautiful country and is suitable for making beautiful memories with the family, as it includes many museums and temples and everything that is archaeological and ancient, as well as all that is modern and has a spirit of adventure and the discovery of beautiful forests in the golden triangle that includes _ northeastern Burma, north Thailand, northwest of Laos.
    As for the elephants in Thailand, they can be cleaned, fed, riding and photographing as well.

  • Cambodia:

    It is located on the northern border of Thailand, and is very similar to it in the multiplicity of tourist attractions and many adventures, and it suits all people, whether it is preferable to move and activity or who prefers to sit and enjoy the natural scenery, as Cambodia is a suitable country for them.

  • Iceland:

    The appearances of winters and frosts are evident in Iceland’s lakes and glaciers, as well as high-rise mountains and waterfalls, which are the coolest and most impressive in the world.

  • Slovenia:

    Some may not know Slovenia and many ignore it when nominating the best tourist country for the family, but it is a beautiful country located in the middle of Europe and includes many different terrain such as mountains, lakes and ski resorts.
    And if you want to relax, the Arab travelers advise you about an adventure in the Suka River, which is famous for many activities that varied between calm and adventure.

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