What are the touristic places in Alexandria? Alexandria is one of the most important tourist attractions that made its acquisition of the title “Bride of the Mediterranean” logical. You may find among these monuments what is in the sea, and there is what is in the garden, and there is something that perpetuates the impact in the middle of the charming city. Not to mention the architectural evidence that appears in its branches to immortalize its enjoyment of the cosmopolitan spirit, and through our following article on Arab travelers detailing the most important tourist places in Alexandria

What are the tourist places in Alexandria?

By tourist places, we mean those places that have a historical impact, and its visit represents a cultural and recreational value for the visitor, and the landmarks of Alexandria, despite their multiplicity, but most of them have been closed for years for the purpose of repair or restoration, or it was and still is receiving the public from the Alexandrians, And visitors to Alexandria with the same system for many years.

Tourist places in Alexandria for children

Schools and universities, from inside and outside the governorate, are interested in organizing trips to tourist places, and families are keen to visit these places with their children. Visiting the tourist sites in Alexandria supports the education of children, their readings to see the impact, and the effective preservation of information.

  • Bey Citadel

Tickets are available at Qaitbay Citadel at discounted rates for students and children, in particular, and for foreigners. Children enjoy enjoying the rise of this great edifice, and taking pictures at the cannons at the entrance to the castle, as well as the top of the castle. The castle is located in the Bahri area in Alexandria.

  • Montazah Gardens

It was and still is one of the most important tourist destinations that suit family gatherings and friends gatherings. The order of the park is not limited to its embrace of the park’s palace or other palaces. There are also hotels, the vast areas of the sea and green with which you enjoy the beauty of nature, as well as play or do various activities in the open air. The park also has a mosque, and there are all famous restaurants and public facilities available. The last promenade of the sea is located in the Montazah neighborhood.

  • Alexandria Corniche

The Corniche of the Sea in Alexandria is of importance to all its residents or visitors. You can see the sunrise or sunset, and you can take pictures, all for free. Families also love going down to the Corniche in times of mild or hot climate. It is also possible to eat entertaining things such as beans, lupine, ice cream and grilled corn, and it is possible to take a nice walk through the chariot.

  • Alexandria beaches

And how to be a bride of the Mediterranean without spreading the beaches? It is the real pleasure of Alexandria since ancient times, many beaches may be free to enter and spend time. But recently, most of them switched to signing up with a subscription, or by paying a ticket that you can spend an entire day and enjoy all the services and activities that children can participate in.
The beaches of Alexandria extend from Al-Ajmi to Abu Qir, they are located along the coast of Alexandria, and everyone has access to them.

  • The compound of the mosques of Sidi El-Morsi Abu Al-Abbas and the Hammam Square: Since ancient times, families used to visit the historic housing complex in Bahri to perform prayer and charity, to allow time for children to play in the hammocks square next to the Al-Mursi Abi Al Abbas Mosque, which allocates periods of play and horse riding at simple prices on the date of the birth, as well as all times of the year.

Tourism in Alexandria for youth

  • Alexandria Library

The library is located in the Shatby area in Alexandria, and it can be visited not only to read or study, or attend all cultural, literary and artistic activities and events, but to see the most important manuscripts, statues and artifacts, and learn a lot about the history of the library, as well as participate in the multiple activities that display it and serve as a link between the individual and his readers In various countries of the world.

  • Mast mast

Young university students, high school students or visitors to Alexandria can visit the pillar area of ​​the masts in the district of Karmouz, which is one of the famous tourist attractions in Alexandria.

  • Jewelry Palace

It is located in the Gleem district, and it is located in the upscale area of ​​Al-Ammar. There are also simple prices available to enter the palace to see this artistic architecture first, as well as jewelry, personal belongings, brooches, cups and necklaces for Muhammad Ali family members. Palace photography is only available for mobile cameras, and his subscription must be paid if it is a professional camera.

  • Romen Theater

The theater is located near the Kom El Dekka area in Alexandria. He was ready to enjoy live music, as well as performing various concerts and art concerts.

  • Alexandria National Museum

There are many sections in the museum that represent the different historical eras in Egypt in general and Alexandria in particular, as well as in the museum there are antiquities, jewelry and collections of the family of Muhammad Ali. It finds Fouad Street in Alexandria.

  • Marine Biology Museum

The museum is located near the entrance door to the Qait Bey Citadel, and it has a very simple entrance fee, and it contains a group of ponds that highlight fish, reptiles and all marine or river creatures. There is even an embodiment of the bride of the sea that we have heard about in myths.

Tourism in Alexandria for families

  • In Alexandria there are waterfalls, El Shatby Gardens, and Antoniadis Gardens in Smouha. Entry to the waterfalls is free until today, and it has spaces for holding various weddings and artistic and family events. Also, families love to go out at different times.
  • As for Antoniadis, it is determined on the Greek, Romen and italyn styles. It has statues and ample green spaces for play and amusement, and also the Antoniadis theater where the evacuation treaty was established. And the price of entry to it is very cheap.
  • Likewise, there are public entertainment places such as the Stanley Bridge in Stanley, the Zanat Al-Sattat Market in Mansheya, the Grand Plaza in Smouha, City Center and Carrefour in the Down Town area.
  • Also, the Leader Ibrahim Mosque is located near the Raml Station, as well as various churches, such as the disco church, the Marmina church, St. Takla church, and the church of Mar Morcos, among others. The churches of Alexandria are distinguished by their distinctive architecture.
  • Alexandria cruises and yachts are available from the Bahri area next to the castle, or the Anfoushi area.
  • There are also museums in the Fine Arts Museum in Muharram Bey, Mahmoud Said Museum in Ganaklis District and the Greco-Romen Museum in Azarita.
  • It is also possible to rely on one of the diving centers in Bahri, or Abu Qir to organize a diving trip to see the flooded monuments. Or rent a boat or yacht to visit Nelson Island, Abu Qir.

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